DASH Diet Cookbook: Quick and Easy Heart Healthy DASH Diet Recipes (Paperback)

DASH Diet Cookbook: Quick and Easy Heart Healthy DASH Diet Recipes By Madison Miller Cover Image

DASH Diet Cookbook: Quick and Easy Heart Healthy DASH Diet Recipes (Paperback)


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Looking for desserts that are satisfying and easy on the waistline? Try desserts from the DASH Diet Dessert Recipe collection. Heavenly DASH Diet Desserts that are actually healthy, luscious and decadent. You won't even know you are on a diet


Who doesn't love a great dessert? The taste of sweetness on the tongue and the satisfying feeling that comes with each bite. Unfortunately, the ritual of dessert is one that many of us have felt that we must push to the side in favor of health and dietary goals. Time and time again we learn that for many of us desserts and sweets are a weak spot and we repeatedly find ourselves indulging, then feeling guilty and ultimately sabotaging whatever dietary goals we had. The problem here isn't with the concept of desserts, and it isn't with willpower. The issue is how we approach what desserts we choose to eat. Are you one to grab a package of cookies or frozen pie from the grocery store? Those options are sweet and satisfying, but they are far from healthy. What if there were an option for desserts that were not only healthier and delicious also incredibly simple to make in your own home?

This book of dessert recipes has been created to fit into the lifestyle of anyone who follows the DASH diet. Salt and excess fat have been minimized and many of the recipes focus on fruit as a source of sweetness. Whether you are craving a rich, decadent torte or something lighter, like sweet, fruit infused ice, this book of DASH appropriate dessert recipes will help you satisfy your sweet tooth and keep on track with your health goals.

Inside find healthy dessert recipes for:

  • Heavenly fruit desserts like Cinnamon Plum Crumble or Saute Bananas with Orange Sauce.
  • Frozen treats everyone will love like the Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream or the Mocha Pop.
  • Delightful cookies and bars like the Chewy Peanut Butter Nuggets or the Berry No-Bake Bars.
  • Decadent Cakes Pies and Tarts like the Apple Walnut Tart or the Healthy Carrot Cake.
  • Luscious Creams, Custards, and Puddings like the Raspberry Bread Pudding or the Cranberry Chocolate Mousse.

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