The Bus Compression Framework: The set and forget way to get an INSTANTLY professional sounding mix (Second Edition) (Paperback)

The Bus Compression Framework: The set and forget way to get an INSTANTLY professional sounding mix (Second Edition) By Nathan Nyquist Cover Image

The Bus Compression Framework: The set and forget way to get an INSTANTLY professional sounding mix (Second Edition) (Paperback)


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Learn How To Get a $200,000 Analog Sound In Any DAW-No Outboard Gear Required

I'm Going To Make a Bold Claim:

A lot of what we waste time doing with EQ, Compression, Saturation, Stereo Widening and even Mastering can be avoided by using The Bus Compression Framework. You'll stop making bad EQ decisions and spend more time getting the perfect sound.

In this book you'll learn to get the sound of analog right inside your DAW. With modern software this has never been easier

But there is one catch...

The secret to getting analog in a DAW requires a special balance. You can't have too much but you also can't have too little. It has to be just right or your mixes will suck.

The Bus Framework creates the perfect balance for your mix to glue together. It does this by giving you exact values for each bus compressor.

With over 10,000 copies sold discover how effortless and fun mixing is within 30 minutes. Your mixes will come out punchier, thicker, cleaner and wider-all with this simple template.

When you Buy The Bus Compression Framework you'll get our blueprint for getting professional sounding mixes

Inside this guide you'll learn:

  • How to Bus Compress: Drums, Bass, Leads, Vocals, Pads, Guitars, FX & the Master channel of your mix.

  • How to shape EQ Pockets and Dynamic Pockets to create more front to back depth in your mixes.

  • How to use a Limiter on the Drum Bus to get a louder, cleaner, master-ready mix.

  • How to Create Space between instruments with compression. You've probably done this with EQ, but did you know you could do it with compression too?

  • How to leverage Dynamics and Saturation. These are the two major forces of bus compression demystified once and for all

If you want learn how to get professional mixes with bus compression, then pickup your copy of The Bus Compression Framework Now.

By purchasing this book you'll get a simple how-to manual for skipping the learning curve of bus compression. You'll get access to The 5-Bus Framework-a template for giving mixes more depth and analogue vibe. All you do is set it up and your mixes will come together flawlessly.

This Book Is Organized as Follows:

  1. Each chapter focuses on a core concept essential to mastering bus compression. This makes learning easy

  2. You're then given step by step instructions for setting up the 5-Bus Framework. At this point you'll know everything you need to get the sound you want.

  3. In the final chapters, we'll go over some advanced compression techniques to take you to the next level.

This step by step blueprint will solve every major bus compression problem. If you're done being frustrated then pickup your copy now.

Add The Bus Compression Framework to Your Cart Now and Start Creating Powerful, Radio-Ready Mixes Today.

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