Link Takes a Stand: A Story about Bullying and Kindness - How a Little Dinosaur Stopped a Bully and Made New Friends (Hardcover)

Link Takes a Stand: A Story about Bullying and Kindness - How a Little Dinosaur Stopped a Bully and Made New Friends By Anders Grit, Vivi Grit Cover Image

Link Takes a Stand: A Story about Bullying and Kindness - How a Little Dinosaur Stopped a Bully and Made New Friends (Hardcover)


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Unleash the power of a Growth Mindset in your child's life

This anti-bullying book for kids is a vibrant treasure chest of wisdom, addressing the pressing issue of bullying in schools.

Meet our hero, Link, a friendly Tyrannosaurus, on a roaring quest for emotional growth and self-discovery.

Link's adventure begins when he encounters bullying for the first time. But rather than focusing solely on feelings and emotions, this bully book maps out Link's journey from frustration to empowerment, making it a must-read among children's books on bullying.

STAND-ing Up to Bullies: Practical Strategies

Link learns the power of the acronym 'STAND'. Each letter encourages a step towards self-respect and a smart assertive response to bullying:

S - Stand Tall: Self-esteem and respect are critical for personal growth.

T - Tell Them To Stop: Empower your child to express their discomfort assertively.

A - Ask for Help: The role of a trusted adult cannot be overstated.

N - Never Blame Yourself: The issue lies with the bully, not the victim.

D - Develop Strong Friendships: A supportive social circle is the best defense against bullying.

This Dinosaur tale shares lessons in social-emotional learning, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, and relationship skills. It aims to transform the abstract concept of 'no more bullying' into an achievable reality.

Creating Healthy Boundaries: Link's Magic Tricks

A cornerstone of Link's transformative adventure is the concept of boundaries, kindness, sympathy, and respect. As teachers and parents, we constantly strive to promote kind behavior. This book aids us in that mission, providing children with an engaging narrative that paints a vivid picture of emotional intelligence and how to be a friend in order to have friends.

Through this story, kids learn about personal space, body boundaries, feelings, and choices. The mantra from Link's uncle Fungoose will instill confidence and resilience in young readers. This section is the epitome of a boundaries book, enabling kids to cultivate healthy friendships and improved social skills.

From Page to Practice: An Anti-Bullying Toolkit

Not just a story about bullying, it transforms into a toolkit that includes:

  • 'STAND' Anti-Bullying Guide
  • Discussion Questions for Parents and Educators
  • Interactive Seek & Find Activity
  • Creative Expression Coloring Page
  • Constant Reinforcement Educational Poster
  • Access to the Growth Mindset Parents Community for Continued Support

This fun and practical approach aligns perfectly with the demands of today's children's school issues, making Link's story an excellent choice among children's books about kindness, as well as bullying awareness and prevention.

It resonates with the classic how to make friends and influence people, and extends beyond mere entertainment, teaching emotional and social intelligence, self-esteem, and respect.

Through this story kids learn about personal safety, the importance of personal space, and how to stand up against bullying.

Product Details ISBN: 9781961970014
ISBN-10: 1961970015
Publisher: Fungoose Inc.
Publication Date: February 19th, 2024
Pages: 40
Language: English