Words Left Unspoken (Paperback)

Words Left Unspoken By J. A. McGovern Cover Image

Words Left Unspoken (Paperback)


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The reader is invited to embark on a poetic odyssey through life's complexities in Words Left Unspoken-an exploration of silence, wisdom, and universal resonance.

Would you like to take a walk through the inner city, lie down in a sunny meadow, savour time with nature and family? All these moments, and more, are captured within J.A. McGovern's first poetry collection.

McGovern's poems urge us to take to the road for wild adventures, to question ideas of life and death, and to learn through another's eyes and experiences.

More than a compilation of verse, McGovern's work is a profound exploration of the silent struggles that resonate within us all, compelling readers to listen and truly understand the echoes of a world yearning to be heard.

Product Details ISBN: 9781960462381
ISBN-10: 1960462385
Publisher: Anamcara Press LLC
Publication Date: April 26th, 2024
Pages: 134
Language: English