Thieving Women Always Lose (Paperback)

Thieving Women Always Lose By Adrian J. Smith Cover Image

Thieving Women Always Lose (Paperback)


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One hope shattered.

A year of living with a virus that has taken over the planet has set Jeraldine Adelric on the fast track toward death. She and her crew have managed to find a pill that will allow them to stay alive, but supplies are dwindling rapidly. Jerry must resort to pirating and the unlawful life she left behind to survive.

A chance encounter with Senator Arloa Kauket gives Jerry one last hope. A new drug manufactured by a neighboring country might be the answer everyone is looking for. Jerry needs to find out if it exists and then she must steal it, but first she must deal with Arloa-a love she once had but lost.

With her crew by her side, it's no easy decision. Does Jerry want to live or die?

This is the first book in the lesbian zombie shifting pirate trilogy, following Jerry as she struggles to find her place in Penum and as the captain of Yarrow.

Product Details ISBN: 9781960221001
ISBN-10: 1960221000
Publisher: Ereka Press
Publication Date: January 19th, 2023
Pages: 296
Language: English