The Royal Matchmaking Competition: The Fate of the Empire (Paperback)

The Royal Matchmaking Competition: The Fate of the Empire By Zoiy G. Galloay Cover Image

The Royal Matchmaking Competition: The Fate of the Empire (Paperback)


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One elven prince fighting for his empire.

Five damsels contending for His Majesty's heart.

One realm erupts into chaos with both rebels and invaders taking their final stand against the Velazian Empire. Who will make it out alive?

Warning: if you like intense drama, action, adventure, and plot twists that'll knock your socks off, this novel might be just for you. Side effects to reading might include staying up all night to finish the book, crying, or laughing; possibly all at the same time. Read at your own risk


Prince Zadkiel narrows his choices in marriage down to five girls, each of whom has won his heart. As rebels continue to attack the RMC contestants, spies run rampant in the palace, and tension with Baylor and Payonna reaches its peak, the Velazian royal family realizes that they have more enemies than they thought. Prince Zadkiel wonders if he will live to see the day he becomes crowned ruler of the Velazian Empire.


Beware, a sense of humor required

Book one, two, and four can be read first in the series. The Fate of the Empire is the continuation of book two.

Triggers: No gore. A clean romance with spice, appropriate for older teens, 15+.

Genres: romantic comedy (rom-com), young adult, high fantasy, coming of age, slow burn romance, fae romance, elven, and royalty fiction, historical fiction, Renaissance.
Product Details ISBN: 9781958996089
ISBN-10: 1958996084
Publisher: Zoiy G. Galloay
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 404
Language: English