Molly Find Your Voice (Hardcover)

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Molly Find Your Voice (Hardcover)


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Molly Find Your Voice is an inspiring children's book perfect for ages 4-10. It's about a young girl overcoming her fear of trying something new and finding the courage to share her singing talent. When musical Molly is overwhelmed by stage fright, she goes on a journey of self-discovery to gain confidence in herself with help from her loving family and friends.

Molly Find Your Voice teaches children important life lessons through a relatable tale full of humor, empathy, and perseverance. As Molly practices techniques to manage her worries and reframe fearful thoughts, she learns how to believe in herself and her abilities. Kids will laugh and sing along with the story's playful puppy audiences, memorable songs, and vibrant illustrations.

With messages about bravery, mindfulness, managing emotions, friendship, and unlocking your inner star, this book will resonate with any child who struggles with worries about trying new things or performance anxiety. It makes a perfect gift for aspiring singers, dancers, athletes, creatives, and any child starting a new adventure. Molly Find Your Voice will inspire them to face new challenges with courage and share their talents with the world

What Children Will Learn:

- How to overcome worries and performance anxiety

- Techniques to build self-confidence

- The power of reframing negative thoughts

- How to manage emotions like fear and nervousness

- The importance of perseverance and resilience

- Ways to unlock their unique inner gifts

- That feelings don't have to define you

- How to lean on loved ones for support

- That inside every child is a star waiting to shine

Product Details ISBN: 9781957506777
ISBN-10: 1957506776
Publisher: Skinny Brown Dog Media
Publication Date: October 6th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English