Capsule Stories Summer 2021 Edition: Starry Nights (Paperback)

Capsule Stories Summer 2021 Edition: Starry Nights Cover Image
By Carolina Vonkampen (Editor), Natasha Lioe (Editor)
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Featuring poetry and prose, Capsule Stories Summer 2021 Edition revolves around the theme Starry Nights. Read summery writings that capture that feeling of wonder that comes from staring up at the stars. These stories and poems ponder new love and late-night conversations as writers explore desire, longing, and nostalgia. Capsule Stories Summer 2021 Edition is the perfect book to curl up with by the fire on a hot summer night.

Starry Nights

You are lying on the beach, squinting up at the night sky. Voices sound close but feel far away. There are things you cannot control: the orbit of your rock around the sun, how the clouds cast shadows in the sand, how the sky lights up when the planet's star disappears beyond the horizon. You think about yourself and how you are just a tiny organism who made a home on a floating rock in space. When you look across the water, you can see the stars shining back at you. You think about how weird it is that the stars have been there the whole day, invisible, hiding in plain sight. Sometimes, you imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean, lying on your back, staring up at the stars. You are alone, thinking of the people who have led you here, and your problems become insignificant. As the water wraps around you like a blanket, you realize you are not alone-the stars have been there all along.

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ISBN: 9781953958044
ISBN-10: 1953958044
Publisher: Capsule Stories
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 194
Language: English