The Stone of Iron and Omen (The Runewar Saga #3) (Hardcover)

The Stone of Iron and Omen (The Runewar Saga #3) By J. D. L. Rosell Cover Image

The Stone of Iron and Omen (The Runewar Saga #3) (Hardcover)


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Monarchs rise. War spreads. Alliances shift. The first rulers have returned...

Ha-Sypt has been driven back. A new king is crowned in Baegard. Yet the fight for Enea has only just begun.

With Prince Alabastor by her side, Aelthena heads east to liberate Oakharrow, her home. Yet the Jotun still claims the city, and he will not easily yield it. To win this battle, Aelthena and her allies will have to bring all their wit and courage to bear.

Bjorn's path also leads him to Oakharrow. Following the visions of an ancient king, he seeks an alliance among his foes. But prophecies are fickle things. For even a hope of success, Bjorn must risk bringing ruin to all the lands.

To the south, Ha-Sypt pivots toward fresh conquests, while its new karah, Sehdra, rebels against her shadow ruler, the giantess Oyaoan. Though she has always trod quietly, Sehdra must walk a razor-thin line now. Even the slightest misstep might doom her fragile plans.

The Runewar sweeps the land-cities and armies shall burn.

The Stone of Iron & Omen is the third book in The Runewar Saga, a new epic fantasy series by the author of the best-selling Legend of Tal series. Continue the sprawling tale of war, wonder, friendship, and magic across the continent of Enea in this latest installment.

Product Details ISBN: 9781952868320
ISBN-10: 1952868327
Publisher: Jdl Rosell
Publication Date: February 14th, 2023
Pages: 444
Language: English