Emotional Intelligence for Leadership: 4 Week Booster Plan to Increase Your Self-Awareness, Assertiveness and Your Ability to Manage People at Work (Hardcover)

Do you want to discover how to guide people in the right direction by recognizing their emotions?

Do you wonder why some people are progressing faster in their careers than you, even when they seem less smart?

Do you want to learn how to manage people more effectively, so you can cut your workweek from 60 hours to 40 hours or less?

Then keep reading...

A recent study in Career Builder shows that 71% of the hiring managers said: An employee's Emotional Intelligence (or EQ), is more important than their IQ . 75% of them even said they were more likely to promote a high-EQ employee than a high IQ employee.

Which is why ... since it was first labeled by professor Daniel Goleman in his 1995 bestseller, Emotional Intelligence ... more and more evidence shows that your EQ has a bigger influence on your success as a leader than your IQ.

And luckily, it's a skill that can be acquired without months of studying.

Here's a tiny bit of what you ll discover in Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

  • How to leverage positive emotions in people to increase their productivity and happiness (page 40 and page 53)
  • How to recognize 3 key emotions from other people and build better relationships (page 39)
  • How to avoid complaining and mockery within your workforce (page 126)
  • How to manage your own emotions so you can make decisions based on sound logic and reasoning (page 26)
  • How to use your voice to influence people and regain the positive spirit in your team (page 99)
  • How to turn jealousy into motivation by putting things in another perspective (page 117)
  • How to deal with the biggest enemy for the productivity of your team (page 122)

And much, much more.

Even if your empathy regarding other people's feelings isn t quite like Gandi's or Mother Theresa's. The everyday examples from the office floor will give you the tools and techniques to recognize and react to those emotions as a successful leader.

Maybe you are doubting if reading a book about emotional intelligence can help you in your busy life as a modern-day leader. That's why a big part of this book is dedicated to the unique 4-Week Emotional Intelligence Booster Program.

This program is specially developed to raise your EQ as a leader. Besides raising your self-awareness and getting more fruitful relationships, it will also skyrocket your chances of getting a promotion.

It's time to sharpen your most essential leadership skill: Emotional Intelligence.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781951999407
ISBN-10: 1951999401
Publisher: Sophie Dalziel
Publication Date: March 10th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English
Series: Leadership