Be a Hero Too (Paperback)

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By Samantha Rohe, Sophie Cemaj (Illustrator)
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Mommy why can't I see the virus?

Why can't we go see Grandpa and Grandma?

Is the zoo still closed due to the germs?

Children all over the world are asking questions like this about Covid-19. The best way for parents to answer these questions and to help their children feel safe and at ease is to have conversations.

Be a Hero Too was created to help start these conversations. This pandemic has created a lot of changes for families. Every child handles it differently. Some children may brush it off and hardly notice, but many children are much more observant and pick up on a lot more than their parents might realize. They may have fears and worries about our current world. The best way to know what these anxieties are is to talk with them. This book will help you

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ISBN: 9781950459186
ISBN-10: 1950459187
Publisher: Momosa Publishing LLC
Publication Date: October 16th, 2020
Pages: 20
Language: English