Success Starts Within: Achieve Your Potential Through Radical Self-Care (Paperback)

Success Starts Within: Achieve Your Potential Through Radical Self-Care By Chazz Scott Cover Image

Success Starts Within: Achieve Your Potential Through Radical Self-Care (Paperback)


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Successful health? Healthy success? You can have both with Success Starts Within, your guide to science-backed strategies rooted in the principle that outward success begins with inner wealth.Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, mindset and resilience expert Chazz Scott shares practical strategies for what he refers to as radical self-care--an approach to living that helps us transcend negative thinking, gain inner confidence, improve focus, and develop meaningful relationships--so that we may achieve true fulfillment in our personal and professional lives. Success Starts Within addresses the urgent need for regular, continual self-care and personal growth. It provides proven techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety, boost life satisfaction, and improve whole-body health. At a time when the health-care industry is overwhelmed, this book offers practical, science-based solutions anyone can integrate into their daily routine. Some of the science-backed strategies that will help readers learn numerous skills, include how to
  • Counter burnout and accelerate success in both professional and personal domains
  • "Slow down to speed up" productivity, achieve wellness, and improve fulfillment
  • Prioritize daily self-care, without it feeling burdensome
  • Make wise decisions and choose intelligent actions for growth, based on a clearer understanding of how the mind and body operate
  • Tune into their own thoughts, emotions, and feelings to discover what serves them and what doesn't--and then how to use that information to achieve what is desired
  • Explore their purpose in life and align their values with their goals
  • Build better relationships with themselves, others, and their communities

Packed with tips and step-by-step exercises, this book empowers readers to establish a firm foundation of whole-body health so that success can follow naturally.

Chazz Scott is an author, speaker, mindset and resilience coach. He is the founder of Supra Mentem, a consulting firm specializing in training leaders in peak performance, well-being, and sustainable success. His clients include the D.C. Hospital Association, the Maryland Association of Election Officials, and the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce. Chazz is the Executive Director of Positively Caviar, Inc., a nonprofit focused on using optimism to build resilience and disrupt youth mental health stigmas. He lives with his wife in the Washington D.C. area. For more information, check out

Product Details ISBN: 9781949481839
ISBN-10: 1949481832
Publisher: Central Recovery Press
Publication Date: August 8th, 2023
Pages: 200
Language: English