Revelation: A Love Letter From God (Paperback)

Revelation: A Love Letter From God By Katheryn Maddox Haddad Cover Image

Revelation: A Love Letter From God (Paperback)


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Revelation is not a book of gloom and doom. It is a book of hope. A book of reassurance that, no matter how bad things get in the world, God is still in control and still loves us like light shimmering in the soul.

It was written during a time when Christians were losing jobs and homes, friends and family. During a time when Christians were being imprisoned, tortured, and killed. They were laying everything on the line for Jesus. Everything They needed hope. They needed this love letter.

This is a history of the world before Jesus was born, especially the world of the Israelites. It is also an account of Jesus birth, ministry, and death. It ends with the final doom of Satan and the final victory of the church, the heavenly Jerusalem. After all, does not chapter 1, verse 19 state that John was to "write, therefore, what you have seen past], what is now present], and what will take place later future]"?

The scriptures always interpret themselves; therefore, the author takes you through each scene with applicable background scriptures to magnify the meaning with unique clearness.

This is God's last love letter to the world. He has done everything possible to help us escape hell, including offering his only begotten son to die in our place. We are his children. He loves us and does not want us to be hurt. He tells of the overwhelming joy he can give those who accept his Son as Lord of their life. He also tells us that, if we become Christians, he will protect us as he always protected his children in the past. This is one last reassurance. One last love letter from God.

Cast aside all the horror stories you have been told about Revelation. View it now with fresh new eyes, be awed, and be showered with God's love.

Product Details ISBN: 9781948462969
ISBN-10: 1948462966
Publisher: Northern Lights Publishing House
Publication Date: August 11th, 2014
Pages: 142
Language: English