Hacking Modern Teaching (Paperback)

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Hacking Modern Teaching (Paperback)


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It's time to modernize our teaching methods for student success

Modern teaching is not about your ability to deploy a flashy education app or attract TikTok followers. Instead, it's a mindset where you keep student success at the forefront of your instruction. Today's teachers have a unique opportunity to reflect on their values, rethink their lessons, and reevaluate what is essential to meet the needs of modern students. In Hacking Modern Teaching, Mike Roberts, an award-winning middle school educator and instructional coach, offers modern teaching hacks to help today's teachers:

  • Build flexible learning supports to maximize student success
  • Offer multiple ways for students to demonstrate authentic learning
  • Understand where students are socially and emotionally
  • Communicate in simple, authentic ways
  • Deliver learning in small doses to increase engagement

Product Details ISBN: 9781948212748
ISBN-10: 1948212749
Publisher: Times 10 Publications
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English