Homestyle Icelandic Cooking for American Kitchens (Paperback)

Homestyle Icelandic Cooking for American Kitchens By Heidi Herman Cover Image

Homestyle Icelandic Cooking for American Kitchens (Paperback)


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Whether you're looking to connect with your roots, try something new or already love Icelandic cooking, this book is a must for your cookbook shelf. This is a collection of 25 traditional everyday Icelandic recipes, translated with step-by-step instructions. These are some of the simple classic favorites that truly reflect the home-style Icelandic flavors and heritage.

Remoulade (Brown Sauce)

M suostur - Brown Whey Cheese

Br nar Kart flur - Brown Potatoes

R fa - Rutabaga

Kj ts pa - Meat Soup

Plokkfiskur - Fish Stew

Fiskur Me Ostur - Cheesy Fish

Fiska Bollur - Fish Balls

Baka ur Fiskur - Baked Fish

Flatk kur - Flatbread

R gbrau Svart - Black(Rye) Bread

R gbrau Br nt - Brown(Rye) Bread

Litlabollur - Doughnut Balls

Kleinur - Kleinur (Doughnut)

Pipark kur - Pepper Cookie

Parisark kur Meringue Cookie

Vanilluhringir - Vanilla Ring Cookie

M mmuk kur - Mama'sCookie

Smj rkrem - Butter Icing

Bolludagur - Bollur Buns (Cream Puff)

Rj materta - Whipped Cream Cake

V narterta - Vienna Cake

Fyltur Hveitibrau skrans - Coffee Wreath

V narbrau I - Vienna Bread (pastry) #1

V narbrau II - Vienna Bread (pastry) #2

V narbrau III - Vienna Bread (pastry) #3

P ingur Fylta - Custard Filling

P nnuk kur - Pancakes

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