Legendary (Paperback)

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Legendary (Paperback)


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"""A rousing story of love and sacrifice."" -- Kirkus Reviews
""I'll admit, this isn't the sort of M/M story that I'd normally seek out. The main relationship is already established, and you learn about mid-way through the story how they became a couple when they were younger, and if you're set on your M/M stories being hot and heavy, this is much more focused on the plot and character connections than heat on the page - but oh that plot, these characters, how it all comes together at the end. Legendary indeed!

I was initially intrigued by the connections to Arthurian Legend, as a lifelong fan of those stories, and the parallels here are handled very uniquely and tongue in cheek in a really satisfying way. James and Arthur embark on their own quest to solve a mystery that brings up the past, welcomes new friends, and threatens to upset the balance of trying to live a quiet life in a time that it was very dangerous to be homosexual.

There's tension, I cried, I sighed relief, I shouted for joy, and at the end, all the tidbits that I thought would have obvious conclusions still ended up surprising me in the best way. Especially with the epilogue that just left me warm and fuzzy and excited for Kibbie's next tale.

A definite recommend for those looking for M/M stories driven by plot and character relationships over time in the bedroom, especially if you enjoy King Arthur, historical romance, and post-WWII England in particular."" -- Amanda Meuwissen, M/M Romance - Paranormal Romance - Urban Fantasy author"
Amelia Kibbie is an author, freelance writer, and secondary educator. Legendary is her first novel. Amelia’s short stories have appeared in several anthologies, including the pro-human sci-fi collection Humans Wanted, My American Nightmare: Women in Horror, Enter the Rebirth, Witches, Wyverns, and Warriors, Writers of the Depths, and the upcoming urban fantasy collection We Cryptids. The literary journals Saw Palm, Quantum Fairy Tales, Wizards in Space, and Intellectual Refuge have featured her work. Her next project is to renovate the turn-of-the-century church she just purchased into a home, with the help of her husband, daughter, and four cats. Find out more at ameliakibbie.com

Product Details ISBN: 9781947041325
ISBN-10: 1947041320
Publisher: Running Wild Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2019
Pages: 276
Language: English