The Life-Changing Madness of Tidying Up After Children (Paperback)

The Life-Changing Madness of Tidying Up After Children By Rachel Toalson Cover Image

The Life-Changing Madness of Tidying Up After Children (Paperback)


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Would you rather try to keep a tidy house with kids around or clean up after a tornado every day? It's about the same.

When you're a parent, you spend a considerable amount of time working as an unpaid maid. You pick up something your kid left on the floor just so he can throw it down again. When you become a parent, your aspirations for a clean and tidy house soar out the window, flying on wings of impossibility.

And maybe that's as it should be.

From the voice behind the popular Crash Test Parents blog comes Book 2 of the series by the same name. With wit and eloquence, Rachel tells the true story of what it's like to dream of a tidy house and live in the reality of parenthood, where kids thwart your tidying efforts at every turn.

The Life-Changing Madness of Tidying Up After Children includes hilarious and entertaining essays like:

What Do Scissors Have to Do With an Untidy Home? Pretty Much Everything.
Astounding Stockpiles in Which to Lose Yourself
On Storage Solutions: Pursue Ultimate Lockdown
The Most Common Battlegrounds for Entropy
Tidying Language is Lost in Translation
The Confidence You Gain in Your Tidying Attempts: You Will Fail at Lesser Things
LEGOs: The Safest Explosion You'll Ever Survive (And Also the Most Annoying)
The Whole World's a Canvas (Especially When It Has Walls)
Where Are All My Household Utensils?

and many more.

Called "the Erma Bombeck of a new generation of parents," Rachel's second full-length book of essays in the Crash Test Parents series is sure to make you laugh out loud and then promptly hug your children--because they really are messy little treasures.

Rachel is the mother of six young boys who daily give her inspiration for comical essays. Her essays can often be seen on Huff Post Parents, Scary Mommy and Babble. She lives with all her males in San Antonio, Texas, where she faithfully writes 5,000 words a day, five days a week.

Product Details ISBN: 9781946193254
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Publisher: Batlee Press
Publication Date: August 29th, 2017
Pages: 272
Language: English