Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day: 16 weeks of fun and easy ways to add yoga and mindfulness to your school curriculum (Paperback)

Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day: 16 weeks of fun and easy ways to add yoga and mindfulness to your school curriculum By Giselle Shardlow Cover Image

Classroom Yoga in 10 Minutes a Day: 16 weeks of fun and easy ways to add yoga and mindfulness to your school curriculum (Paperback)


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Daily Yoga and Mindfulness Resources to help Kids Cope, Calm, and Connect.

This yoga and mindfulness workbook is a wonderful teaching resource to easily integrate these much-needed calming practices into your classroom - within just 10 minutes a day

This classroom yoga book can be added to your calm down corner, play therapy class, mindfulness moments, preschool learning activities, as an anxiety relief tool, part of your brain breaks in the classroom, circle time, counseling sessions, social emotional learning activities, emotional regulation strategy, preschool yoga class, or your yoga and wellness lesson planning collection.

These ready-to-use teacher must haves printables contain everything you need to practice yoga in just 10 minutes a day for 16 weeks of the school year. It's super easy to use.

Yoga for just 10 minutes a day can:

* Provide you with a simple go-to resource that will help address the issues in schools, including children's social-emotional wellbeing, anxiety, inattention, stress, and anger management.
* Ensure you have a regular tool each day to help your students breathe, calm down, and self-regulate... even when schedules are packed and unpredictable.
* Teach children simple self-regulation and resiliency skills daily that you can easily incorporate into any classroom or homeschool... without having to plan, think about it, or find new resources.
* Help children regulate their bodies and emotions... that way, they can manage the ups and downs that come with changes in the classroom, an unusual start to the school year, and the potential lack of a regular school routine.
* Provide fun, active indoor and outdoor activities that will keep your kids moving and having fun... even if you have limited time and space.
* Introduce movement activities in a fun, simple, and light-hearted way in the classroom ... to get their wiggles out and help them focus on the next task at hand.
* Encourage healthy interactions and connections between children through group activities... even if children are asked to keep their distance from one another.

You will receive specific activities for each day of the week, themed under:

Mindful Mondays: to get grounded for the week ahead through breathing and meditation techniques that teach kids how to be in the present moment
Twisty Tuesdays: to become more body aware by trying new exercises and yoga poses that allow for exploration and promote positivity
Wind-Down Wednesdays: to practice calming techniques that promote self-regulation and focus through age-appropriate mindfulness activities
Theme Thursdays: to move, stretch, and challenge young bodies by practicing yoga poses based on fun and engaging themes
Fun Fridays: to have fun and connect with one another through yoga games and partner yoga (when possible)

Daily 10-minute yoga and mindfulness activity:

* 16 weeks of themes to explore and discuss
* Colorful resources that's engaging and interactive
* Detailed instructions and helpful tips to best bring this resource to your students
* 134 colorful pages to explore

This resource is intended for children in preschool through elementary, but it can be adapted for other age groups.
Use these 5 minute classroom activities as a springboard. Feel free to add other age-appropriate theme-related yoga poses, songs, breathing techniques, relaxation stories, meditations, art projects, and field trips.

Printed in the USA, this workbook is a quick reference guide for primary school teachers, preschool teachers, kids yoga teachers, pediatric therapists, counselors, parents, caregivers, and recreation staff looking for simple, convenient ways to add yoga and mindfulness into their curriculum, classes, or home life. Help children to calm and focus, while managing their big emotions with these easy, creative, and engaging activities
Product Details ISBN: 9781943648689
ISBN-10: 1943648689
Publisher: Kids Yoga Stories
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2020
Pages: 148
Language: English