Learning Multiplication Using LEGO Bricks: Student Edition (Paperback)

Learning Multiplication Using LEGO Bricks: Student Edition By Shirley Disseler Cover Image

Learning Multiplication Using LEGO Bricks: Student Edition (Paperback)


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This is the student edition to accompany "Teaching Multiplication Using LEGO(R) Bricks" and should be used in conjunction with that book.

In Learning Multiplication Using LEGO(R) Bricks: Student Edition, Dr. Shirley Disseler has developed activities that work to help students learn the basics of multiplication, using a common toy available in most classrooms and homes-LEGO(R) bricks

Multiplication is not simply the rote memorization of times tables. Students need to understand multiplication concepts. LEGO(R) bricks are the perfect manipulative to help students model, utilizing their creative and logical processes together.

In this book, the hands-on activities using LEGO(R) bricks help students learn: - the meaning of multiplication as repeated addition - the vocabulary of multiplication - basic multiplication facts - one-digit multiplication - two-digit and larger multiplication

The book starts at the most basic concepts and focuses on a specific topic in each chapter. Most students learn these concepts between grades 2 - 5.

Using LEGO(R) bricks to model math provides a universal language. Children everywhere recognize this manipulative. It's fun to learn when you're using LEGO(R) bricks

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Shirley Disseler is Associate Professor at High Point University and Chair of the Department of Elementary and Middle Grades Education, and the STEM Coordinator for the BA to MEd Program. She has over 25 years of educational experience, from elementary school teaching through higher education, including gifted education and exceptional children. Disseler works as a Master Trainer for LEGO(R) Education, and has been instrumental in the development and testing of the LEGO(R) Education products LearnToLearn, MoreToMath, and WeDo 2.0 products developed in Billund, Denmark. She serves on the LEGO(R) Education Ambassadors Panel and is the trainer for the High Point University Teacher Academy for LEGO(R) Education. Disseler is the author of Teaching Fractions Using LEGO(R) Bricks, and conducts research on engagement and creativity in mathematics classrooms. She offers consulting in manipulative mathematics, active learning, classroom management, and learning with LEGO(R) bricks.
Product Details ISBN: 9781938406591
ISBN-10: 1938406591
Publisher: Brigantine Media
Publication Date: August 1st, 2016
Pages: 72
Language: English