Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality (New #1) (Paperback)

Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality (New #1) By Charles L. Whitfield, Barbara Whitfield, Ciruelo Cabral (Joint Author) Cover Image

Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality (New #1) (Paperback)


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Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality Foreword by Lawrence Edwards, PhD

The authors of this extraordinary book have created a portal into a profoundly meaningful archetypal realm that holds wisdom, knowledge and resources to empower you to live your life more fully and authentically while being guided by the higher consciousness innate to your true nature.

We live in a time of unprecedented change that demands that we leave behind old ways of seeing ourselves and the world, which have alienated us from our real self and from our profound connection with others and all of creation and nature. This disconnection has led us into a wasteland of materialism and meaningless consumption. That disconnect is also apparent in the common notion that we aren't part of nature; we're above it, separate from it and we can use and abuse it with few consequences. That deluded state of disconnect and the emptiness it creates will never be reversed by filling our inner void through the endless consumption our culture may offer ─ on the surface ─ as the path to happiness. The authors demonstrate that understanding the ancient archetype of the Dragon and what it symbolizes can open a way to extraordinary transformation and the true freedom that comes through self-knowledge, wisdom and love.

Product Details ISBN: 9781935827306
ISBN-10: 1935827308
Publisher: New Paradigms
Publication Date: August 14th, 2019
Pages: 276
Language: English
Series: New