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MathVentures: 33 Teacher–Coach Investigations to Grow Students as Mathematicians, Grades K–6: A Coaching Guide featuring Math Solutions' Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) (Mixed media product)

MathVentures: 33 Teacher–Coach Investigations to Grow Students as Mathematicians, Grades K–6: A Coaching Guide featuring Math Solutions' Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) Cover Image
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Partner up with a teacher or teacher team and get ready for an exciting exploration of math teaching and learning where teachers and students experience the joy of engaging in rigorous mathematics.

Your compass is the Math Solutions’ Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI), a framework for strengthening mathematics instruction. It comprises thirty-three teacher and student practices organized into four broad categories essential to effective mathematics teaching and learning:

1.   Learning Environment
2.   Reasoning and Sense Making
3.   Focus and Coherence
4.   Formative Assessment

The MathVentures process uniquely involves choosing a specific focus from the IPI and then planning, implementing, and evaluating a classroom investigation around this focus.
Follow the journeys of any of thirty-three teacher–coach partnerships as they navigate their investigations of specific teacher or student practices. Then, map out your own MathVenture through six action-oriented steps:

Step 1. Understand the Practice
Step 2. Determine the Investigation Question, Classroom Data to Collect, and Collection Process
Step 3. Choose a Student Learning Goal and Teacher Action to Reach That Goal
Step 4. Integrate Professional Learning Experiences
Step 5. Implement Teacher Action and Collect Data
Step 6. Analyze and Reflect on Classroom Data

Connects to and includes access to 8 video clips drawn from some of Math Solutions’ all-time favorite publications, from Number Talks to Talk Moves

About the Author

Sue Chapman is a university instructor and a professional learning consultant. She has served students and other math learners in the roles of teacher, coach, administrator, and teacher educator for more than forty years. Sue is particularly passionate about building capacity in others through coaching and mindset awareness.

Mary Mitchell is an instructional designer and math coach. For more than twenty years, she has supported students, teachers, coaches and administrators across the country. Mary appreciates connecting to her roots as an elementary classroom teacher and math coach to collaborate with teachers to build students into budding mathematicians.

Praise For…

These investigations are filled with wonderful teaching examples and ideas. If you would like your students to love mathematics, and to embrace struggle and mistakes, MathVentures is for you.

Jo Boaler, Professor,Stanford University and cofounder of www.youcubed.org

Sue Chapman and Mary Mitchell have come up with a powerful tool for improving mathematics teaching and learning. What I love most is that MathVentures is all about collaboration in the most professional sense of the word—tapping into the expertise not only of coaches but also of the teachers they work with. MathVentures uses cutting-edge research to get straight to the heart of how teachers can fine-tune their instruction to help every student become a powerful mathematical thinker.

Cathy Seeley, NCTM Past President and former Senior Fellow, Charles A. Dana Center, The University
of Texas at Austin; author, Faster Isn’t Smarter and Smarter Than We Think

Love this resource! MathVentures is a big win for every mathematics program—it can easily be integrated into existing curriculum, whether face-to-face or virtual. It’s a friendly, essential guide for teacher–coach collaborations resulting in equitable access to rigorous mathematics for every student.

 Janice Bradley, Assistant Director, Utah Education Policy Center, The University of Utah; coauthor, Give Me Five! Five Coach-Teacher-Principal Collaborations That Promote Mathematics Success

From its clear, engaging layout to color-coded adventure routes, this guide is the perfect path for every educator. Authors Sue and Mary share research-based practices, compelling videos, and Google Maps-worthy direction, all focused on student growth. As a kindergarten teacher MathVentures helps me to think not only about “What lesson should I teach?” but “How should I teach it?”

Cheryl Nowak, kindergarten teacher, Forest Hills School District, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sue and Mary’s MathVentures takes coaches and educational leaders on an exciting adventure that is sure to improve mathematics teaching and learning through compelling vignettes as well as videos. This publication is the number one professional learning resource you’ll want to get your hands on this year!

Jennifer Lempp, educator and author of Math Workshop: Five Steps to Implementing Guided Math, Learning Stations, Reflection, and More 

Successfully engaging students can appear effortless in the hands of a skilled educator. In reality, it is an intentional and methodical process, thoughtfully shared in MathVentures. Authors Chapman and Mitchell spotlight the most impactful teaching practices that lead to student achievement, making this a must in every coach’s toolbox.

Tonya Clarke, Master Teacher and Coordinator of K–12 Mathematics, Clayton County Schools, Georgia

MathVentures engages coaches and teachers in data-driven, action research that transforms instructional practice. Anchored in adult learning principles, this investigation process gives teachers the opportunity to exercise choice in student-focused learning opportunities. 

Elita Driskill, Director of Professional Learning, Arlington ISD, Arlington, Texas

Reflecting on our practice can be uncomfortable; however, professional growth requires it. MathVentures provides targeted reflective applications of Math Solutions’ Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) and pilots mathematics instructional coaches as supporters of teachers’ growth and improvement. The destination is math success!

Carrie Cutler, Clinical Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education, University of Houston; author, Math-Positive Mindsets: Growing a Child’s Mind without Losing Yours

Product Details
ISBN: 9781935099918
ISBN-10: 1935099914
Publisher: Math Solutions
Publication Date: January 11th, 2021
Pages: 288
Language: English