Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind (Paperback)

Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind By Jay Freeman Cover Image

Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind (Paperback)


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"Not adulting."

"I feel like a boy living in an adult's body."

These words have been uttered by young men all over Australia who have been caught in technology addiction cycles. No jobs,

no social life, no partners, with only the four walls of their bedrooms and their online world to keep them company.

These are The Boys in Bedrooms.

Fifteen years ago, Jay Freeman, a mental health social worker began to hear unusual stories from numerous emotionally and physically

drained Australian parents who were labouring over their adult son's bizarre social withdrawal behaviour and lack of emotional adulthood.

For those caught in severe, long-term social withdrawal, often as a result of earlier years' mismanaged or overwhelming events, their

stories have become bleak. Lack of intervention from the family unit at the onset of social withdrawal has resulted in a generation

of young men in their thirties and forties becoming reliant on the support of their aging parents, who should now be enjoying their


Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind has been written as a 'call to action' - a plea to free our young people from the incestuous

over-nurturing and technology-addiction cycles that have become evident within many homes. Supporting young men to grow and/or

heal by stepping into their adulthood is of paramount importance, both for their mental health as well as the overall health and

protection of our nation.

Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind contains a plethora of bounce-back strategies to help young men and their families break

their cycles of social withdrawal and computer addiction.

Product Details ISBN: 9781922792815
ISBN-10: 1922792810
Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group
Publication Date: April 20th, 2023
Pages: 394
Language: English