Discovatron (Paperback)

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Discovatron (Paperback)


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A peace-loving intergalactic space ship crew are off on a mission to find a new world upon which to live. As they journey through time and space, they explore numerous planets, but due to incompetent planning, bungling, or just sheer bad luck they end up disappointed in their quest.

In some cases they inadvertently cause some serious inter-planetary incidents.

The hapless crew are coming towards the end of their mission when they visit a strange, blue/green planet in Galaxy Six. This planet succumbs to the grip of a deadly pandemic, but only the crew know the true story* about the origin of the disease.

Can they battle unfriendly life-forms, dodge hazards in space, beat their sister ship, overlook hackneyed alien clich's and be the crew that finds a new planet to call home?

Written from the aliens' perspective, telling the story of their mission and its effects on the planets they explore.

Product Details ISBN: 9781838197209
ISBN-10: 1838197206
Publisher: Woolleycat Media
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2020
Pages: 328
Language: English