Sex Collection: 3 books in 1: Sex Positions, Sex Positions for Couples, Multiple Orgasms for Women; The Ultimate Sex Guide for Singles (Hardcover)

Sex Collection: 3 books in 1: Sex Positions, Sex Positions for Couples, Multiple Orgasms for Women; The Ultimate Sex Guide for Singles Cover Image
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Are you embarrassed of what your sex life has become, because it has taken nosedive, become predictable, boring, routine and just not exciting as it used to be?

Do you wish to ensure every sexual encounter is orgasmic, not boring, passionate and full of action that leaves both of you bursting with sexual pleasure, like you've just met, despite having been together for years?

If you've answered YES, keep reading...

You Are To Discover The Secret Habits And Hacks That Will Take Your Sex Life A Notch Higher, Maintain The Passion And Lust You Had From The Beginning And Ensure You Have Orgasm After Orgasm With Every Sexual Encounter

Sex makes the world go round It keeps every romantic relationship alive, exciting, happy and fulfilling I know you are here because you understand the place of sex in a romantic relationship firsthand and wish to get all the benefits that come with a fulfilling sexual life as a couple that keeps your connection strong and complete.

Perhaps you are wondering...

How do I keep the fire burning in the bedroom?

What can I do to ensure every sexual encounter is full of 'fireworks' and orgasms that leave you gasping for air and smiling from ear to ear whenever you think about them?

How can you warm yourself up for sex to ensure you are feeling up to it and don't think of sex as a chore that you would rather skip?

Can a woman have orgasms every single time she has sex and if so, how is that possible?

If you have these and other related questions, this 3 in 1 book is for you so keep reading, as it addresses them all in simple language.

Here is what to expect in this 3 in 1 book:
  • The different sexperience levels and where you lie
  • How you can leverage the power of 'self-love' aka masturbation, to take the fun a notch higher
  • The best and most exciting sex positions that range from oral sex to anal sex to guarantee maximum pleasure and multiple orgasms
  • An introduction to Kamasutra and what it is all about
  • How to have sex in different locations and the best positions for those locations
  • All about tantric sex and how you can use it to increase intimacy with your partner
  • The ins and outs of BDSM and how to safely explore your kinks and fetishes
  • How to engage in foreplay in the right way and ways to improve intimacy with your partner
  • Erotic games and challenges that will get you and your partner in the mood for sex
  • The various sex positions for couples with kids, when you want to get pregnant, when you get pregnant and for LGBT couples as well
  • How to properly and safely use sex toys the right way, whether as a man or woman to guarantee total satisfaction and amazing orgasms
  • How to engage in role playing in the right way
  • The factors that contribute to a female orgasm and what you can do to help guarantee multiple orgasms with each sexual encounter


Indeed, there is no reason why your sex life should become boring when there are so many ingredients that can work for you in any situation you are in to help keep your intimate relationship fun and satisfying.

Lucky for you, this 3 in 1 book will teach you everything you need to know to have the sex life of your dreams, even if you think you've totally lost it

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ISBN: 9781801547536
ISBN-10: 180154753X
Publisher: E.L. Sweet
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2020
Pages: 442
Language: English