The Karezza Method: Magnetation, The Art of Connubial Love (Hardcover)

The Karezza Method: Magnetation, The Art of Connubial Love By John William Lloyd Cover Image

The Karezza Method: Magnetation, The Art of Connubial Love (Hardcover)


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This guide to Karezza - a form of slow and gentle sexual intercourse where the objective is not orgasm - is accurate, clear and enlightening.

John William Lloyd explores herein the spiritual, conjugal, mental and gender-specific facets of Karezza. The author frequently and diversely contrasts the phenomena of karezza to that of ordinary lovemaking, whereby the pleasure of orgasm is among the commonest objectives. Karezza seeks to promote genuine affection and heartfelt passion between the lovers, that their emotional and psychological connection deepens. The raw pleasure of conventional intercourse is compared unfavorably to other fleeting, shallow joys in life; fine dining, alcohol, drugs. Karezza by contrast is presented as building long-lasting emotional depth, on achieving meaning and lasting contentedness in a relationship and life in general.

Since its popularization by gynecologist Alice Bunker Stockham during the 1890s, karezza has been suggested by therapists and counsellors. As well as improving emotional connection and intimacy, Stockham considered karezza as a means of equalizing the sexes in their marriage, promoting fidelity and harmony in unions that might otherwise be in jeopardy. Equivalent practices to karezza have also existed in belief systems of Hinduism and Taoism for millennia.

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