The Galactic Culinary Society: Cryovacked & Other Tales (Paperback)

The Galactic Culinary Society: Cryovacked & Other Tales By D. R. Schoel Cover Image

The Galactic Culinary Society: Cryovacked & Other Tales (Paperback)


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Curious to explore the galaxy? Brave enough to face many-tentacled aliens who'll disintegrate you on sight? If you're truly hungry for adventure, there's only... THE GALACTIC CULINARY SOCIETY Let Jeane Oberon, Chef Hunter extraordinaire-if unfortunately human-be your guide to the dining rites of countless alien races: join the GCS today And remember, it's an eat or be eaten universe out there

This anthology contains the stories:

-The Secrets of Umami

A galactic trader uncovered an unbelievable secret over a century ago-but paid with his life. Now, Jeane's tracked down his long-lost logbook and opened a Pandora's box, with her alien rival close behind. The object of their hunt: the only recipe in the universe everyone is guaranteed to love, whatever their tastes. The fabled Edible Sonnets of Umami. The stakes: unimaginable riches But is the recipe even real? Join Jeane Oberon on her intergalactic quest to find out

-Song of the Golden Brew

"A legendary beer known as Kvass-notorious across the galaxy-which can get you smashed without a hangover? From a planet no Out-Worlder's set foot on in more than a century?" So said Xstersi the Greelon.

Is it possible? Only intergalactic Chef Hunter Jeane Oberon can solve the mystery of the Kvass from Kazaak... unless she succumbs first to the planet's malevolent overlord


Jeane Oberon and her alien pal Xstersi become captives on an ancient starship they're sent to explore-when it turns into a deep space death-trap. If they don't escape in time? They'll be slowly cooked alive over the next five hundred years Jeane and Xstersi's lives are on the line in this pulpy ode to classic Sci-Fi.

-Rising Terror

A sourdough delivered to the Society's HQ could lead to the end of universe as we know it... and the death of Jeane Oberon?
Product Details ISBN: 9781777313395
ISBN-10: 1777313392
Publisher: 9051-6766 Quebec Inc
Publication Date: February 21st, 2023
Pages: 234
Language: English