Give Your Worship: How To Write Christian Songs In 1 Hour Without Forcing Inspiration (Paperback)

Give Your Worship: How To Write Christian Songs In 1 Hour Without Forcing Inspiration By Elias Lenge Cover Image

Give Your Worship: How To Write Christian Songs In 1 Hour Without Forcing Inspiration (Paperback)


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How To Write Christian Songs In 1 Hour Without Forcing Inspiration

This book is for anyone looking for a NEW way to write Christian songs that God has put on their heart.

Is that you?

It's a conversational book that goes over a process of Christian songwriting developed over 20 years. This pro cess has helped thousands of people around the world.

X You don't have to be afraid of people rejecting your songs

X No more running out of inspiration

X You don't have to struggle to find the right words

- Are you writing your 1st or 100th song? This book will help you

- Don't know fancy music theory? It doesn't matter, use these secret shortcuts

- Don't know how to play an instrument? This book has you covered

Here's a few things you'll discover in the pages of this book:

  • "You're Not The Right Age", "You're Not Talented Enough" "They Won't Listen" - are you still believing these lies? (you'll stop them dead in their track after reading JUST the introduction)...

...see page 1.

  • What words you MUST include in EVERY song you write to glorify God (This is THE KEY to writing successful songs... miss just this one thing and NO ONE will sing or listen to your songs)...

...check out page 13.

  • A shortcut way to identify and find the RIGHT COWRITER FOR YOU and AVOID the WRONG ONES so that you write more songs in less time...

...explained in detail on page 30.

  • How to create a catchy melody even if you DON'T play an instrument so that people like, hum and whistle your songs without realizing it...

...take a look at page 54.

  • The 3 major building blocks you MUST know about when writing Christian songs and how to use them in your lyricst..

...covered on page 58.

  • What you must know to help people to connect with and like your song so that they don't reject them (HINT: this is also a great approach for coming up with song ideas)...

...outlined on page 104.

  • Inspiration: where it comes from and how to get inspiration when you need is most WITHOUT forcing it...

...all explained on page 139.

  • The 5 categories of Christian songs you must understand so that you can find the right words easier.

...turn to page 87.

  • A method that will help you to turn your emotions into lyrics so that people connect without losing the gospel...

...details on page 70.

  • The REAL reason why you remember words to your favourite songs and how you can use the same powerful writing technique in your songs. (People won't forget your lyrics even if they want to)...

...take a look at page 83.

  • How to WRITE A HIT CHRISTIAN SONG: what to listen out for that the pros are doing and what you MUST NOT do...'s all explained on page 121.

A simple process for writing songs in ANY GENRE like

  • Contemporary Christian Music
  • Christian Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Country Gospel Music
  • Sunday school Songs
  • Hymns
  • And other genres

...broken down in detail all throughout the book.

And much much, much more

If you want to learn how to write Christian songs in 1 Hour without struggling to find inspiration, struggling to find inspiration, or fearing people's rejection...

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Product Details ISBN: 9781777170264
ISBN-10: 1777170265
Publisher: Elias Lenge
Publication Date: August 1st, 2020
Pages: 222
Language: English