My Parenting Journey with a Transgender Child: A Journal (Paperback)

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From the award-winning author of I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a transgender child comes a one-of-a-kind interactive journal created for parents of a transgender child. This is an opportunity for you to discover, process, and explore what your unique and personal parenting journey means to you.

You'll experience how powerful journaling can be as My Parenting Journey with a Transgender Child guides you through over 100 thought-provoking writing prompts and exercises. It's the perfect way to express your thoughts and feelings, while you benefit from some private time to unwind, reflect, and document what matters most to you.

With opportunities to express yourself through writing, art, and photographs, these pages will quickly become your own. Tailored specifically for parents with transgender children - of any age, My Parenting Journey with a Transgender Child by Cheryl B. Evans gives you the chance to share who you really are, all in one motivational journal.

There are even delightful quotes and colourable images sprinkled throughout to further enhance your journaling experience. Order your copy today and claim a little alone time for yourself. It's an enlightening journey in self-discovery you won't want to miss.

Publisher's Note: This journal is similar to My Journey with an LGBTQ+ Child by Cheryl B. Evans but has a couple extra pages to help you track the medical milestones of a transgender child who has or wishes to medically transition. The other parenting journal titled, My Journey with an LGBTQ+ Child, is suitable for parents with transgender kids who have not or do not plan to medically transition.

You may want to invite your transgender child to journal along with you. These journals make a thoughtful gift. Evans has written a separate journal suitable for pre-teens, teens and youthful transgender adults titled Wonderfully and Purposely Made: I Am Enough. This journal which was designed specifically for transgender persons and is offered with three cover choices to help users personalize the journalling experience even more.

Evans learned first hand how rewarding and therapeutic journalling can be when her own son came out as transgender several years ago. Today, she's excited to share this experience of journalling with others who are on a similar path through her LGBTQ+ interactive journals.

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ISBN: 9781775352617
ISBN-10: 1775352617
Publisher: Cheryl B. Evans
Publication Date: May 19th, 2018
Pages: 158
Language: English