Koi: A Complete Guide to Their Care and Color Varieties (Paperback)

Koi: A Complete Guide to Their Care and Color Varieties By Bernice Brewster, Nick Fletcher, Steve Hickling Cover Image

Koi: A Complete Guide to Their Care and Color Varieties (Paperback)


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Keeping koi (often called "living jewels") in top-quality condition takes dedication and year-round care, but it is a challenge that thousands of koi enthusiasts are happy to accept in pursuit of perfection. They are a fiercely devoted group willing to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to nurture, show and build their collection.

Written by a team of international experts, Koi: A Complete Guide to their Care and Color Varieties contains information and advice that incorporates the latest developments in koi research.

Topics include:

  • Purchasing koi
  • Body conformation, deportment, color, pattern, and quality
  • The koi pond, including technology, like de-icers and warming tents
  • Water quality and filtration
  • Koi physiology, disease prevention, and good nutrition
  • Showing koi, how to achieve optimal health, color and shine
  • Breeding
  • Designing and building a pond
  • Identifying the many varieties of koi.

This book fulfils the need for a reasonably priced and up to date, expert guide on keeping koi. It is essential selection for all enthusiasts, from excited beginners to koi kichi ("koi crazy").

Bernice Brewster is an aquatic consultant with a major interest in the koi hobby. Nick Fletcher is the former editor of the UK aquatic monthly Practical Fishkeeping and a regular contributor to fish-related publications. Steve Hickling is a leading authority on koi and pond construction. Keith Holmes is manager of Koi Water Barn in Kent, England, with a deep knowledge of koi health. Mick Martin, a koi-keeper for more than 20 years, has practical experience of koi husbandry through breeding and buying in Japan. Tony Pitham is the owner of Koi Water Barn and one of the most respected koi dealers working in Japan. Dr. Peter Burgess is a university lecturer specializing in ornamental fish. His PhD was in research on whitespot disease in tropical marine fish. Dr. Paula Reynolds is an aquatic pathobiologist and proprietor of Lincolnshire Fish Health Laboratories and Research Centre, which carries out health screening on koi from around the world.
Product Details ISBN: 9781770855199
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Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: October 8th, 2015
Pages: 256
Language: English