Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium: Week by Week (Paperback)

Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium: Week by Week By Stuart Thraves Cover Image

Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium: Week by Week (Paperback)


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A highly practical guide packed with easy pictorial stages.

This authoritative encyclopedia--revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in current fishkeeping technology and technique-- takes a fresh look at the popular topic of setting up and maintaining a tropical freshwater aquarium.

It begins with guiding hobbyists, especially novices, through the first steps. This begins with determining the most suitable aquarium and accessories by referring to the equipment section of the book. The substrate and "life support" systems are the first items installed. Two weeks later, the first fish are added. At this time, the book provides detailed descriptions of 50 suitable plants and 100 recommended species of fish from which the hobbyist can choose.

During the next ten weeks, the tank turns from an artificial environment into a living community. This is a crucial period in the life of a new aquarium often beset with problems that fishkeepers find alarming. Throughout this section, the emphasis is on providing the answers to common questions and offering practical advice to keep the system working smoothly.

The book's updates bring the content in line with all of the latest fishkeeping equipment and techniques.

  • New equipment which has benefited from lower cost for higher technology, such as: LED lighting; discrete, compact pumps and water quality sampling and monitoring equipment; improved energy efficiency; programmable submersible heaters that maintain accurate water temperature; programmable digital feeders; canister filters capable of self-diagnosis; compact algae scraper magnet; feeder-Webcam combo.
  • Real-time practical coverage--Detailed step-by-step photographic sequences show each stage of a typical aquarium set-up recorded in real time over a period of ten weeks.
  • Integrated presentation--Information on equipment, what it does and how it works, is introduced at the relevant stage of the building process for foolproof practical guidance.
  • Profile sections--Detailed descriptions of 50 aquarium plants and 100 popular freshwater aquarium fishes are featured as they are added to the tank, rather than in separate unrelated sections.

By Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium Week By Week, hobbyists will establish a new aquarium with little stress and without risk of failure. They can then refer to the book whenever needed, where they will find guidance on maintaining their aquarium in top condition for many years to come.

Stuart Thraves is brand manager of a leading aquarium company.
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Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: August 20th, 2015
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