The Particle Hierarchy Paradigm (Hardcover)

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The Particle Hierarchy Paradigm (Hardcover)


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The Particle Hierarchy Paradigm is a way of understanding how nature determines the mass and energy values of particles as determined by experimental physics.

Field Structure Theory is a research project into fundamental form and structure. This paper will explore one particular problem in physics, that of the particle hierarchy.

While mass and energy values of particles have been known with exactitude, why they have these values has been unknown. Using the new analytic of Tometry and applying that analytic to Field Structure Theory explains the origin and structure of particles to a degree of accuracy beyond that capable of Standard Model that uses Quantum Mechanics to ascertain values.

Key to this understanding is the simple and humble loop - a loop action or more precisely chiral loops of action. With loops of action, a universe can be constructed. This book will show how this is possible. It is all in how a Plenum loop interacts with itself. As will be shown, it is in three-dimensions loop interaction that forms arise as "fields" of action, condensing into matter and deploying into energy.

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Publication Date: April 6th, 2021
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