Nine Lives To Eternity (Paperback)

Nine Lives To Eternity By Scott D. Gottschalk, Marcus B. Webb (Consultant), Authoraide Publications (Prepared by) Cover Image

Nine Lives To Eternity (Paperback)


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Nine Lives To Eternity is one man's true chronicle of cheating death a miraculous twenty-seven times. This inspirational and faith-driven human triumph details the aftermath of the author's many harrowing experiences and mishaps, any of which should have resulted in certain death, yet somehow he was incessantly saved by Guardian Angels.

The numerous near-death experiences accounted for twenty-six fractured bones and rendered the author unconscious on five separate occasions, yet he somehow lived to tell his compelling story. After reading this account, one's view of life, one's apprehension of death and one's belief in angels will never be the same again.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733291118
ISBN-10: 1733291113
Publisher: Scott Gottschalk
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2019
Pages: 424
Language: English