The Winter Heals (Paperback)

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The Winter Heals is book #2 in the Honey Cove series. It is a contemporary romance, coming of age novel. This title is a stand-alone story the follows Shelby Rowe as she finds her place in the world.

It was almost impossible to heal when everyone was out to get you.

Shelby Rowe was stuck between two worlds-the one she wanted and the one everyone else wanted for her. As the daughter of a prominent family in Honey Cove, Shelby's life was out of her control. Her friends, interests, and even her love life was controlled by others.

When a new girl moves to town, Shelby's life was turned upside down as she gets a glimpse of what life could be like-no obligations, no pressure. As the Christmas break begins, Shelby is left stuck between what is expected and what she feels is right. Split in half, Shelby has to make decisions to correct her life and heal her spirit.

Will she allow others to control who she is? Or will she finally go out on her own?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733262194
ISBN-10: 1733262199
Publisher: Creative James Media
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 238
Language: English