Speak Love: Your Words Can Change the World (MP3 CD)

Speak Love: Your Words Can Change the World Cover Image
By Annie F. Downs, Annie F. Downs (Read by), Jessica Holton (Read by)
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Do you still remember a mean comment someone made about you online? Does something you said to your friend about your other friend haunt you sometimes? Has your day instantly gotten better because you received a compliment? That's because everything we say has a lot of power--even the things we tell ourselves. Annie Downs has learned this lesson firsthand as both a reformed mean girl and the recipient of a lot of hurtful comments herself, and she knows we can break the cycle of harmful words and make a difference if we decide to focus on speaking love--positive, honest words--instead.Through truthful and very funny experiences from her own life, as well as examples from the Bible and every part of life, Annie shows the amazing changes that can happen when we send positive words out into the world and believe them about ourselves.

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ISBN: 9781690599548
ISBN-10: 1690599545
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: April 24th, 2020
Language: English