Maps for the Getaway (Compact Disc)

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If you love Susan Mallery, you won't want to miss this novel of three high school friends who find themselves emotionally fractured when tragedy strikes, so they go on a road trip they'll never forget and rediscover what made them "best friends forever." It was the road trip of their lives . . . and they did it without a map.

When they posed for a photo at their high school graduation, they vowed they'd be friends forever, but teenage promises are so easily broken, and now, thirty years later, they're practically strangers.

Cici--stuck in a rut, married to a cheating husband.

Genie--caring for her ailing father but never getting any thanks.

Kate--everyone knows people who look perfect on Instagram are not.

And Laurie--the most successful of them all--now tragically gone.

So, to celebrate Laurie's life, three former friends in a 1962 red Lincoln Continental convertible take the road trip of their lives--encountering male strippers, a boy band that has seen better days, crazy motel rooms, adopting a so-ugly-it's-cute stray dog...and discovering that it's never too late to live the wild life.

Because, sometimes, to find yourself you have to get away.

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ISBN: 9781665097550
ISBN-10: 1665097558
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Language: English