How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste: Over 150 Steps to More Sustainable Living at Home, School, Work, and Beyond (Paperback)

How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste: Over 150 Steps to More Sustainable Living at Home, School, Work, and Beyond By Rebecca Grace Andrews, MA, MS Cover Image

How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste: Over 150 Steps to More Sustainable Living at Home, School, Work, and Beyond (Paperback)


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Your easy, practical resource on the journey to sustainable living

A zero-waste lifestyle can have a profound impact on our environment and the health of your home, and How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste is here to make sustainable living easier, with more than 150 different ways you can make more sustainable choices at home, school, work, and beyond.

Learn how to reduce your footprint at your own pace with simple steps like carrying reusable shopping bags, more intermediate steps like mending your own clothes, and major steps like creating a garden-to-cafeteria program at your local schools.

How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste offers:
  • Changes big and small—Discover how sustainable living can be a progressive process—one manageable step at a time— that leaves you feeling successful, positive, and eager to do more.
  • Your choice—Decide how you want to use this book, whether it's trying out steps here and there, flipping to sections of interest, or reading the whole thing before you get started—it's up to you.
  • Progress, not perfection—This book will help you take the steps to sustainable living that you are able and comfortable with, based on your budget and lifestyle.

Begin the path to more sustainable living with a book that makes it easy and manageable for anyone.
REBECCA GRACE ANDREWS, MA, has graduate degrees in both herbal medicine and ecopsychology and is on a lifelong mission to reduce waste to help heal the earth and her inhabitants. She also offers consultations and online classes in sustainability through her business Wild Wellness. Learn more about her mission at
Product Details ISBN: 9781647398682
ISBN-10: 1647398681
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: October 6th, 2020
Pages: 178
Language: English
“Jam-packed with useful and information and helpful tips, How to Go (Almost) Zero Waste offers you the knowledge (not the guilt-trip) you need to bump your low-impact lifestyle up a notch, or several! This book is super user-friendly, with handy scales for how much expense, time, effort, and impact each suggestion involves. It is also well-researched, thorough, and thoughtful. I highly recommend this book, even if you are already well on your way to reducing your waste. It will inspire you to keep at it, and help you think of options you may not even have considered.” —Ruth Ann Smalley, PhD, Children's Book Writer, Educator, and Author of Sheila Says We're Weird

“Never has a zero waste guide been so approachable! Organized by each facet of life, Andrews provides more than 150 unique ways to decrease waste output for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. I will be keeping this book within reach and referring to it often!” —Portia Zwicker, Certified Master Recycler and Composter

“If you are looking to reduce your environmental footprint, this is your guide. I appreciate that it was so easy to read and not overwhelming. It gives easy-to-follow ways to replace your wasteful products AND save money in the end. I've already made quite a few changes from this book, and it shows how the normal average consumer can make small changes that have a big impact.” —David Alfano Jr.