Easy Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Healing and Sustainable Weight Loss (Paperback)

Easy Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Healing and Sustainable Weight Loss By Marina Savelyeva, RD, CNSC Cover Image

Easy Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Healing and Sustainable Weight Loss (Paperback)


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100 Simple, delicious recipes for recovery from gastric sleeve procedures

Gastric sleeve surgery, or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), provides patients with the opportunity for a fresh approach to weight loss and healthier living. The Easy Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook will guide you through the process of post-op healing, provide you with the tools necessary to lose weight, and help you embrace and sustain these healthy habits for the long run.

From pre-surgery prep work to a full post-op meal plan, this gastric sleeve cookbook contains 100 easy, delicious, and properly portioned recipes, from Banana Yogurt Shake to Baked Cinnamon-Apple Ricotta, made with familiar ingredients and organized by healing stage. Beyond weight loss, adopting this healthy eating plan in this gastric sleeve cookbook can also help reduce or eliminate the need for medications and ease conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

Inside this gastric sleeve cookbook, you’ll find:
  • A strategy for surgery—Discover a helpful overview of gastric sleeve surgery, such as what to know and expect pre- and post-op.
  • Stage-by-stage healing—Avoid any post-op nutritional confusion with an 8-week meal plan for eating after VSG, organized by healing stage.
  • Eating made easy—All of the recipes in this gastric sleeve cookbook are easy to make, with the vast majority of recipes requiring zero cooking, 5-ingredients or fewer, 30-minutes or fewer to make, or one pot.

Let this gastric sleeve cookbook be your companion in a successful healing process and better life going forward.
Marina Savelyeva, RDN, CNSC, has been a Registered Dietitian for more than 15 years. She has worked in hospitals, collaborated with bariatric and gastrointestinal surgeons, and helped numerous clients through her private practice. Her passion is to help people live healthy lives by adopting practices that are easy to follow. She enjoys seeing her patients succeed in their health journeys.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647397791
ISBN-10: 1647397790
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 202
Language: English
“As a registered nurse, I recognize how vital it is to have nutritional resources to guide the reconfiguration of eating habits necessary for gastric sleeve surgery. This cookbook is a terrific resource for those who are considering or have had the surgery. It provides tasty, simple, one-pot meals, and even some no-cook recipes. The detailed explanation of dietary needs for fluids, fiber, and protein are clear and helpful. I would even recommend this book for those who have not undergone the surgery but desire to reduce carbohydrates and eat healthy.” —Barbara Anne Waite, Registered Nurse and Author

“Very well structured, designed, and illustrated. This book answers the most common question I hear from patients planning to get a sleeve gastrectomy: ‘Will I be able to enjoy food after most of my stomach is removed?’ With plenty of simple yet creative recipes, this book shows that eating and cooking after the procedure can still be an enjoyable part of life. This book is a must-have for every patient planning to have a gastric sleeve.” —Dr. Sergey Lyass, MD

“Marina has created a resource that will help all those thinking about a gastric sleeve procedure and those recovering from one. It's also great for dietitians to keep as a resource with a list of nutritional deficiencies that may occur after this procedure. Marina's recipes are easy, nourishing, and unique. I love that she has created this step-by-step guide that helps explain how this procedure may nutritionally affect a client and how to smoothly recover and transition after surgery. This book will not only educate you but will bring comfort and someone you can trust into your own kitchen!” —Yasi Ansari, MS, RD, CSSD, Performance and Wellness Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Content Writer

“I love this book and recommend it to all bariatric patients. It is hands-down the most accurate and complete book of this type out there. As an experienced bariatric surgeon, I cannot emphasize the importance of healthy eating after bariatric surgery. Surgery is only a tool and not a cure-all, and patients who recognize this and make appropriate lifestyle modifications tend to be most successful in the long run. Besides being very informative, the highlight is that this book contains delicious recipes with descriptive pictures specifically for bariatric patients who have undergone anatomical changes. I can assure you that this book will make eating fun again while helping you stay healthy.” —Bobby Bhasker-Rao, MD, FACS, FASMBS

“Full liquid and pureed diets never sounded more tasty and nutritious! With Marina's years of experience as a registered dietitian specializing in GI surgeries, I feel confident in sharing this book as a resource for my clients and colleagues.” —Angelica Agami, MS RD