Marvelous Metallic Watercolor: Beginner Painting Projects to Create Shimmering Art (Paperback)

Marvelous Metallic Watercolor: Beginner Painting Projects to Create Shimmering Art By Sarah Style Cover Image

Marvelous Metallic Watercolor: Beginner Painting Projects to Create Shimmering Art (Paperback)


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Fall in Love with the Magic of Metallics

Sarah Style, the leading voice in metallic watercolor, brings you watercolor like you’ve never seen it before. Through 32 projects that are as gorgeous as they are accessible, you’ll explore the dazzling beauty of capturing vibrant hues with paint. With Sarah’s tips for preparing your metallic watercolor paints to get the best effects, plus tons of detailed step-by-step projects that span simple motifs and brush lettering, you’ll be amazed at the results from your very first masterpiece and beyond. What’s more, in addition to the fact that you can transfer each design onto tracing paper, the book includes six templates you can paint directly into the book or cut out to trace, for a fantastic interactive element.

Projects include designs like Gleaming Gemstone and Beaming Butterfly—which bring out the vibrancy of this medium—as well as lettering projects like Glittering Rainbow Ombré and Luminous Leopard, which will have you writing shiny calligraphy like a pro. Prepare to be obsessed with metallic watercolors and watch as they brighten up and revolutionize your art forever.

Sarah Style is an artist and teacher who specializes in metallic watercolor and calligraphy. She shares her vast knowledge of the medium at her blog and shop Sarah Style Designs, and teaches tens of thousands of students worldwide. Sarah lives in Roseville, California.
Product Details ISBN: 9781645679400
ISBN-10: 1645679403
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English

“This is such a magical and fun book if you have been wanting to explore metallic watercolors and are not sure where to start.”
—Shelly Kim, creator of Letters by Shells and author of Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

”Step into the sparkling world of metallic watercolors, as Sarah Style guides you to create stunning artwork of your very own thanks to her thorough, step-by-step instructions. ”
—Peggy Dean, founder of The Pigeon Letters and best-selling author

”Sarah Style has created a delightful step-by-step guide full of information for those of us who enjoy the magic of metallic handmade watercolors. Let your creativity run wild!”
—Elena Orozco, founder of Hydracolour Handmade Watercolors

”Sarah is an artist who is giving me courage to try different ideas in my art. She is also the best teacher, so that all of her students can learn how to use a variety of colors like she does.”
—Jeanie Yoo, founder of Iuile Watercolors

”Sarah Style is a true master of metallic watercolors, and her new book is a must-read for anyone looking to create stunning artworks. Her insights and techniques are expertly crafted, and her enthusiasm for the medium is infectious.”
— Sylwester Ambroziak, founder of Karin Markers

”What a fun and inspiring book! It is filled with gorgeous lettering and artwork, with step-by-step explanations and tons of tips to guide you on your art journey.”
—Keiko Saile, founder of Aloha Watercolors

”Sarah is an amazing artist and an amazing teacher as well. She is passionate, patient and thorough.”
—Shannon Foster, artist and founder of Foster’s Creations

”Sarah has curated one of the most comprehensive guides when it comes to handmade metallic watercolor. She delivers the information in an easy-to-digest way for everyone from beginner to pro.”
—Melissa Matthews, artist and founder of Cloverset Lettering

”Sarah is the best resource you’re going to find when it comes to metallic watercolors. Anyone would be lucky to learn from her!”
—Sarah Ensign, author of Hand Lettering for Beginners