Stunning Watercolor Skies: Learn to Paint Dramatic, Vibrant Sunsets, Clouds, Storms and Night Sky Landscapes (Paperback)

Stunning Watercolor Skies: Learn to Paint Dramatic, Vibrant Sunsets, Clouds, Storms and Night Sky Landscapes By Rachael Mae Moyles Cover Image

Stunning Watercolor Skies: Learn to Paint Dramatic, Vibrant Sunsets, Clouds, Storms and Night Sky Landscapes (Paperback)


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Get Lost in the Splendor of the Land and Skies

Discover the joys of creating dazzling watercolor landscapes and scenic skies with this beginner’s guide, from painter and nature-lover Rachael Mae Moyles. Through Rachael’s gentle guidance and expert tips and techniques, you’ll paint your way through 20 showstopping but approachable projects. What’s more, Rachael’s in-depth guide to universal watercolor techniques will have you mastering the fundamentals and will deepen your appreciation of all the hues and variations present in nature.

From sunny vistas and foggy horizons all the way to atmospheric mists and stormy clouds, Rachael takes you on a celebratory tour of all the versatile beauties of nature. Projects include gems like Serene Pine Sunset, Winter Morning Sunrise and Milky Way Over the Desert as well as gorgeous, moody scenes like Rainy Morning in the Adirondacks, Stormy Beach Day and Dancing Northern Lights.

Wherever you are in your artistic journey, these projects will inspire you daily to look up at the skies and soak up all the vibrant beauty therein.

Rachael Mae Moyles is an artist with an environmental science background and the creator of Proximae Artistry. She teaches watercolor for beginners through Skillshare and Etchr Studio. Rachael lives in Rochester, New York.
Product Details ISBN: 9781645679028
ISBN-10: 1645679020
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English

“Rachael’s beautiful and approachable watercolor book will not only show you how to paint beautiful skies and landscapes step-by-step but will also help you gain confidence in your skills and yourself!”
Mako, artist and author of No-Fail Watercolor

“Rachael just has a way with watercolor. She paints some seriously breathtaking scenes and she's an excellent teacher—a rare combination that makes her book a must-have!”
Kolbie Blume, watercolor artist, educator and author of Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes

Stunning Watercolor Skies is a delight to explore and a must-have for any lover of watercolor!”
Kyria Smith, artist and co-founder of Wolf + Bear

“In this book, Rachael shares her secrets for bringing these pieces of the puzzle together in a clear, concise and confidence-boosting way.”
Rosalie Haizlett, artist and author of Watercolor in Nature

“What I love about Rachael’s book is that every step of the process is so well explained. These tutorials are so thoughtfully designed, and each aspect is covered in a very detailed but easy to follow manner. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in this magical medium.”
Elina Zhelyazkova, Skillshare and Etchr Teacher

“Rachael is not only talented, she is also incredible at taking you on your own journey to create beautiful and magical illustrations for yourself. You'll be filling up reams of paper with gorgeous sky paintings before you know it.”
Jennifer Rae Phillips, author of The Animal Drawing Primer and founder of Jen Rae Art

“Rachael's writing style makes you feel like she's right next to you as you paint. Her teaching is thorough yet short, so all your focus will be on what matters: making art that works.”
Ânia Marcos, Art Director for Etchr Studio