Becoming. Mi historia adaptada para jóvenes / Becoming: Adapted for Young Reader s (Paperback)

Becoming. Mi historia adaptada para jóvenes / Becoming: Adapted for Young Reader s By Michelle Obama Cover Image

Becoming. Mi historia adaptada para jóvenes / Becoming: Adapted for Young Reader s (Paperback)


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La inspiradora biografía de la ex Primera Dama de Estados Unidos, Michelle Obama, adaptada para jóvenes lectores
Michelle Obama es ejemplo de que, con perseverancia y esfuerzo, no hay límites. Este es un relato honesto y fascinante de su vida dirigido a jóvenes lectores a quienes ella pregunta: “¿Quién eres y qué quieres llegar a ser?”.
Michelle nació en la zona sur de Chicago. De origen humilde, llegó a estudiar en la Universidad de Princeton y, más adelante, se graduó en derecho en Harvard. La vida le cambió por completo cuando su esposo, Barack Obama, llegó a la presidencia de los Estados Unidos y ella tuvo que aprender a conjugar su faceta de mujer trabajadora, esposa y madre, con la de Primera Dama.
Los Obama son la primera familia afroamericana en ocupar la Casa Blanca y sirvieron al país durante dos mandatos. Aquella chica de modestos orígenes no solo llegaría a ser la Primera Dama de los Estados Unidos, sino que sigue siendo una inspiración y ejemplo para personas de todas las edades, pero en especial para los jóvenes que gracias a ella saben que no hay límites para sus sueños.


Michelle Obama’s worldwide bestselling memoir, Becoming, is now adapted for young readers.

Michelle Robinson was born on the South Side of Chicago. From her modest beginnings, she would become Michelle Obama, the inspiring and powerful First Lady of the United States, when her husband, Barack Obama, was elected the forty-fourth president. They would be the first Black First Family in the White House and serve the country for two terms.
Growing up, Michelle and her older brother, Craig, shared a bedroom in their family’s upstairs apartment in her great-aunt’s house. Her parents, Fraser and Marian, poured their love and energy into their children. Michelle’s beloved dad taught his kids to work hard, keep their word, and remember to laugh. Her mom showed them how to think for themselves, use their voice, and be unafraid.
But life soon took her far from home. With determination, carefully made plans, and the desire to achieve, Michelle was eager to expand the sphere of her life from her schooling in Chicago. She went to Princeton University, where she learned what it felt like to be the only Black woman in the room. She then went to Harvard Law School, and after graduating returned to Chicago and became a high-powered lawyer. Her plans changed, however, when she met and fell in love with Barack Obama.
From her early years of marriage, and the struggle to balance being a working woman, a wife, and the mom of two daughters, Michelle Obama details the shift she made to political life and what her family endured as a result of her husband’s fast-moving political career and campaign for the presidency. She shares the glamour of ball gowns and world travel, and the difficulties of comforting families after tragedies. She managed to be there for her daughters’ swim competitions and attend plays at their schools without catching the spotlight, while defining and championing numerous initiatives, especially those geared toward kids, during her time as First Lady.
Most important, this volume for young people is an honest and fascinating account of Michelle Obama’s life led by example. She shares her views on how all young people can help themselves as well as help others, no matter their status in life. She asks readers to realize that no one is perfect, and that the process of becoming is what matters, as finding yourself is ever evolving. In telling her story with boldness, she asks young readers: Who are you, and what do you want to become?
Michelle Robinson Obama fue primera dama de Estados Unidos de 2009 a 2017. Licenciada en Derecho por las universidades de Princeton y de Harvard, empezó su carrera profesional como abogada en la firma Sidley & Austin de Chicago, donde conoció al que sería su futuro esposo, Barack Obama. A continuación trabajó en el gabinete del alcalde de Chicago, en la Universidad de Chicago y en el University of Chicago Medical Center. Asimismo, fundó la sección de Chicago de Public Allies, una organización que forma a jóvenes para el servicio público.
En la actualidad el matrimonio Obama vive en Washington D. C. y tienen dos hijas, Malia y Sasha.

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Michelle Robinson Obama served as First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, Mrs. Obama started her career as an attorney at the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin, where she met her future husband, Barack Obama. She later worked in the Chicago mayor’s office, at the University of Chicago, and at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Mrs. Obama also founded the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, an organization that prepares young people for careers in public service.
The Obamas currently live in Washington, DC, and have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.
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