The Metabarons: The Complete Second Cycle (Paperback)

The Metabarons: The Complete Second Cycle By Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jerry Frissen, Valentin Sécher (By (artist)), Niko Henrichon (By (artist)), Pete Woods (By (artist)) Cover Image

The Metabarons: The Complete Second Cycle (Paperback)

By Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jerry Frissen, Valentin Sécher (By (artist)), Niko Henrichon (By (artist)), Pete Woods (By (artist))


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This edition collects the entire four volume collection of The Metabaron in one book for the first time.

The Techno Empire’s cruel reign and boundless ambition have the universe in a chokehold, but one obstacle remains before them: The Metabaron.

The Metabaron once single-handedly brought the Techno-Techno Empire to its knees. In the chaos that followed, however, a new regime has taken hold, one that has seized control of the rare and vital fuel for intergalactic travel known as epiphyte. As the Metabaron launches a counter-offensive, the Empire will send its most feared soldiers to defend the power they have amassed, even to the doors of the Metabunker itself. To make matters even more dire, the Metabaron’s less than honorable son seeks to usurp the power of the father who abandoned him. Can the Metabaron withstand the many challenges before him and save the universe once more?

Born on the pages of Moebius and Jodorowsky’s legendary The Incal, the mighty Metabaron has been starring in his own spinoff stories since 1992. Now, The Metabaron returns as a collaboration between Jodorowsky and Jerry Frissen (Fires of Theseus, The Zombies That Ate the World), exhibiting the work of an all-star lineup of international artists: Valentin Secher, Niko Henrichon, and Pete Woods.
Born February 7th, 1929, in Tocopilla, Chile, of a Jewish Ukrainian immigrant family. Jodorowsky was multi-talented from an early age, becoming skilled in puppetry and mime, in addition to writing, by his late teens. He traveled with a pantomime troupe in the 1950s, and within a couple years had made his way to Paris where he collaborated with the world-renowned mime Marcel Marceau. In the 1960s, Jodorowsky ventured further into the world of theater, creating in Mexico, the Panic Movement. This innovative artistic movement allowed him to creatively participate in over a 100 theater productions. The 1970s saw him transition into the world of film where he quickly put a defining stamp on all his cinematic works. He directed several cult films, namely the infamous "El Topo," a Midnight movie favorite. Shortly thereafter, Jodorowsky became attached to direct the adaptation of the famous Frank Herbert sci-fi epic novel "Dune." At the preparation stage of the film, he brilliantly assembled a team of extremely diverse and gifted artists such as HR Giger, Chris Foss, Dan O'Bannon, and Moebius, all of who would later be hired as concept artists on Ridley Scott's "Alien." The development of "Dune" came to a halt due to financial problems, but Jodorowsky, having been exposed to such immense visual talent, propelled himself into writing graphic novels, pairing up with the artist Moebius. This collaboration resulted in what many consider to be one of the most creative European sci-fi graphic novel series of all time, "The Incal," which went on to sell millions of copies worldwide. Since penning "The Incal," Jodorowsky continued writing top selling comic books with a wide variety of Europe's most talented artists, such as "The White Lama" (with Bess), "The Metabarons" (with Gimenez), "The Technopriests" (with Janjetov), and most recently "Bouncer" (with Boucq). Along with nurturing his many other talents, Jodorowsky remains a unique storyteller whose published contributions have secured his status as one of the world's most prolific graphic novel writers.

Jerry Frissen (born Thierry Frissen in Belgium) is an American comic book writer and toy & graphic designer. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the recently relaunched comics anthology magazine Metal Hurlant in France, as well as the author of several best-selling graphic novels, including the anthology comic book series Lucha Libre (Unfabulous Five, The Tikitis), The Fire of Theseus, Exo, Simak, and the new cycle of the internationally acclaimed series The Metabarons, co-written with Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by Valentin Sécher, Niko Henrichon, and Pete Woods.

His book The Zombies That Ate The World, illustrated by Guillermo Del Toro collaborator Guy Davis, was recently adapted by RKSS of Turbo Kid for the silver screen as We Are Zombies. 

At only 29, Valentin has already been published by Titan Comics (Khaal) and Humanoids (The Metabaron Book 1 & 3). A rising star in the European comics scene, he took up the challenge of following in the footsteps of Juan Gimenez, creating his own version of Jodorowsky's universes: cinematic landscapes and beautiful, realistic fight scenes.

Niko Henrichon is a Canadian comic artist most known for “Pride of Baghdad” (Vertigo) and “Noah” (Image), the former earning him an Eisner nomination for Best Penciller/Inker. He has also worked on “Fables”, “New X-Men”, “Sandman” and “Spiderman” in addition to his covers of “Fantasic Four” and “X-Men”.

Over the past two decades Pete Woods has drawn a little bit of everything, from Superman, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman to Terminator, Archie, and MAD Magazine. When he’s not drawing comics he and his family are exploring the country as full-time RVers.

He is a multi New York Times Bestseller, with work at publishers like Humanoids, Marvel, DC, Archie Comics, Dark Horse, Valiant, and Legendary Entertainment. He has been Harvey nominated.
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Publisher: Humanoids, Inc.
Publication Date: February 13th, 2024
Pages: 480
Language: English
Series: The Metabarons