The Los Alamos Primer (Hardcover)

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The Los Alamos Primer (Hardcover)


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Unabridged declassified value reproduction of The Los Alamos Primer by Robert Serber, in full color with all censor markings. This is the booklet given to new workers at Los Alamos during World War II, to catch them up on how to build a practical fission bomb.

The Primer was driven by Robert Oppenheimer asking his prot g Robert Serber to summarize all knowledge and possible solutions known as of April 1943 in a series of lectures. Serber did such an excellent job that the notes from the series was turned into The Los Alamos Primer.

Serber was known as an expert that bridged theory and reality, and so was also chosen to be one of the first Americans to enter Hiroshima and Nagasaki to assess the atomic damage in 1945.

Touch a piece of history in this slim volume with the full text at an affordable price.

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