By the Horns Vol. 3: Dark Earth Part 2 (Paperback)

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By the Horns Vol. 3: Dark Earth Part 2 By Markisan Naso, Jason Muhr (Illustrator), Steve Canon (Colorist), Nicole D'Andria (Editor) Cover Image

By the Horns Vol. 3: Dark Earth Part 2 (Paperback)

By Markisan Naso, Jason Muhr (Illustrator), Steve Canon (Colorist), Nicole D'Andria (Editor)


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BY THE HORNS is an epic, sci-fi fantasy comic book series set in a dangerous world of magic and technology written by Markisan Naso and Illustrated by Jason Muhr with colors by Steve Canon, published monthly by Scout Comics. 

The quest to stop the blight on Solothus continues! Half a world away on the continent of Yalastra, Elodie, Sajen, Evelyn and Zoso search for the historian Norriva who may know the location of pure magic, a primordial power that can revitalize their home. But unbeknownst to Elodie and her friends, they are being pursued by Captain Shanora Zel, an Owlslin warrior they left for dead in the Snow Hills of Ataraxy. Hellbent on destroying all magic in the world ever since she survived a tragic event as a child, Shanora assembles a band of revenge-fueled marauders to help her accomplish her goal. Meanwhile in the Middle Fields, the possible resurrection of the Augernaut forces Haru to lead an assault on Yun Ma, the mysterious servant of the vanquished sorceress Feng Po. As tensions rise and consequences are revealed, the fate of Solothus hangs in the balance in this stirring, high-octane conclusion to the Dark Earth storyline.  

BY THE HORNS Vol. 3: Dark Earth Part 2 collects By the Horns: Dark Earth #7-12 (Legacy #15-20). 
Markisan is an award-winning author, editor and podcaster based in Chicago. He’s the writer and co-creator of the comic book series, BY THE HORNS and VORACIOUS, and has written hundreds of features in print and on the web, covering subjects as diverse as EF5 tornadoes, death metal and Superman. Markisan has also edited dozens of books, including The Anatomy of Zur-en-Arrh: Understanding Grant Morrison’s Batman for the Sequart Organization, and revitalized national publications such as Knowledge Quest for the American Library Association. He loves spoiling his cat, Zoso, and talking heavy metal every month as a host on the METALHEADS Podcast.

Jason Muhr is the artist, co-creator, and letterer for the comic book series BY THE HORNS and VORACIOUS. He has also worked with Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Valiant Entertainment, and Zenescope Entertainment. Prior to breaking into comics, Jason was a product and packaging designer for a toy company, and also spent six years on the retail side of the industry as an assistant manager at the Graham Crackers Comics chain of Chicagoland comic shops. 

Nicole D’Andria is a freelance writer and editor specializing in comic books. Her dark comedy adventure series, Road Trip to Hell, was funded through Kickstarter. She is a freelance comic editor for Scout Comics (Impossible Jones, By the Horns, and many more!) as well as their Director of Digital Content, getting their comics on digital platforms. Nicole also edits webcomics for Tapas Media (Comedown Machine, Thirst) and light novels for J-Novel (Culinary Chronicles of the Court Flower). She writes comic book-related articles for Comic Frontline (including her Kickstarter showcase series “Kickstart the Week”). Nicole previously adapted the television show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and Peter David’s novel Artful to comics. Learn more about her work on
Product Details ISBN: 9781639692163
ISBN-10: 1639692169
Publisher: Scout Comics
Publication Date: November 5th, 2024
Pages: 160
Language: German
“A romping adventure tale with a heart and a soul. I thoroughly loved it.”
— Vince B

"This fantasy world gets easier and easier to fall into and get lost. It’s a story that is going down as one of the best fantasy comics ever.”
— Jeremy Sparks

"[BY THE HORNS] was even better than everyone said it was and it’s earned some high praise. Top tier comic-booking. Makes me mad it’s so good. 10/10. No notes."
— Jimmy Gaspero

"One of the best comics on the rack right now. I just love this book."
— Keith Lehtinen

"BY THE HORNS is amazing. Scout does some good books, but this is by far the best they've ever done."
— Robbie Billups

"Fresh, exciting, and head and shoulders above anything else on the racks right now. This comic is truly something special."
— Alex K Cossa

"Magical is the best attempt at summarizing BY THE HORNS I can come up with. It is, in every sense of the word, just that..."
— Blake Morgan

"BY THE HORNS is a masterpiece. The comic vibrates with relatable themes, characters, and a visually dazzling world that feels tangible and concrete."
— Katie Liggera