Last Man Standing (Paperback)

Last Man Standing By Sr. Carney, Terry C. Cover Image

Last Man Standing (Paperback)


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Ask anyone what it means to fulfill life's destiny, and the answer they will give will almost always be, "You choose to make your own destiny." I did mention the word almost. When you are a spirited four-year-old boy with high aspirations whose Christian namesake was that of a coldhearted pimp, most would agree that your destiny was set on a predetermined course. Terry Christopher Carney was born into a legacy of male hustlers, gangbangers, and criminal masterminds, all of whom conveniently resided in the same household. When destiny's odds are stacked highly against you, one must ask oneself, "Is there really such a thing as the universe giving you a choice?"

This book is a living reflection of one boy whose destiny took him down a harsh yet poignant path to manhood. Life can be a dream for some, but for Terry, it was a challenge.

Product Details ISBN: 9781636922829
ISBN-10: 1636922821
Publisher: Newman Springs
Publication Date: April 1st, 2024
Pages: 178
Language: English