Vehicle Service Log Book: Maintenance and Repair Record Book for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles & Other Vehicles (Paperback)

Vehicle Service Log Book: Maintenance and Repair Record Book for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles & Other Vehicles Cover Image
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Your vehicle needs care and attention throughout the years.

That's why you need this vehicle auto log book to keep all of your records in one place.

Track all the important information like maintenance, repairs, fuel, trips, and more

Makes a great present for anyone who loves their automobile. It also helps out when you go to sell your vehicle.

So keep all your vehicle records in one place and save yourself time and energy

Inside you'll find the following sections:

Maintenance - Date, Serviced By, Odometer Reading, Details, Cost. This is a great and comprehensive way to record all the maintenance you do, including when, how, and and how much it cost. This also comes in handy if you ever sell your vehicle.

Repairs - Date, Serviced By, Details, Cost. A similar section to Maintenance, this is where you can write down all the repairs your vehicle needs over the years. Make sure to keep this log book in your vehicle or somewhere you won't lose it.

Fuel Log - Date, Odometer Reading, Gas/Liters, Cost, MPG/KMPL, Station. This section is for documenting your fuel ups. Whether you're having fuel gauge trouble, or just want to know how much you're spending on gas in one place - this section will do the trick.

Trip Log - Date, Odometer Reading (Beginning and End), Distance, Hours, Destination or Purpose, Business Expenses. Useful for tax purposes, or being reimbursed by a company if you're on a business trip, or simple want to know the details of trips you're making, this section has everything you need to do that.

Yearly Summaries - Distance, Cost, Repairs, Maintenance, and more. A great way to have a snapshot of your vehicle's history, so you can keep it running smoothly for years to come, and also makes selling it easier as you can show a potential buyer a detailed log of its history.

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ISBN: 9781636050379
ISBN-10: 1636050379
Publisher: Hartwell Press
Publication Date: August 16th, 2020
Pages: 104
Language: English