Are We There Yet? (Paperback)

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Are We There Yet? is a collection of essays grouped around three major themes: the collapse of the American empire; the question of individual identity; and some thoughts regarding the nature of a post-collapse world. The book analyzes what has gone wrong with the United States since its inception, and the problems we now face as a result. It discuss the elements of a healthy human identity--elements that are largely absent from the American scene. And it poses alternatives to all of this, models already present in the consciousness of a few, and which, post-collapse, may possibly be realized several decades down the line. In the course of this discussion, the author reviews the pathology of smart phones and related electronic gadgets; the phenomenon of Hillary Clinton as an archetypal American disaster, and of Joe Bageant as an unsung hero; and the visionary work of scholars such as Pitirim Sorokin and Lewis Mumford. All in all, Are We There Yet? will have you thinking about what the possibilities are for achieving some semblance of sanity in a world completely out of kilter.

Readers interested in related titles from Morris Berman will also want to see: Coming to Our Senses (ISBN: 1626542910), Spinning Straw Into Gold (ISBN: 1635610532).

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ISBN: 9781635610567
ISBN-10: 1635610567
Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media
Publication Date: October 27th, 2017
Pages: 234
Language: English