Beyond Morality (Ethics and Action) (Hardcover)

Beyond Morality (Ethics and Action) By Richard Garner Cover Image

Beyond Morality (Ethics and Action) (Hardcover)


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"Morality and religion have failed because they are based on duplicity and fantasy. We need something new." This bold statement is the driving force behind Richard Garner's Beyond Morality. In his book, Garner presents an insightful defense of moral error theory—the idea that our moral thought and discourse is systemically flawed. Establishing his argument with a discerning survey of historical and contemporary moral beliefs from around the world, Garner critically evaluates the plausibility of these beliefs and ultimately finds them wanting. In response, Garner suggests that humanity must "get beyond morality" by rejecting traditional language and thought about good and bad, right and wrong. He encourages readers to adhere to an alternative system of thought: "informed, compassionate amoralism," a blend of compassion, non-duplicity, and clarity of language that Garner believes will nurture our capability for tolerance, creation, and cooperation. By abandoning illusion and learning to listen to others and ourselves, Garner insists that society can and will find harmony.

Richard Garner's Beyond Morality delves deep into the thoughts and codes that inform the actions of humanity and offers a solution to the embedded error of these forces. An essential text for students of philosophy, Beyond Morality provides a groundwork for improving human action and relationships.

Richard Garner is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Ohio State University.

Product Details ISBN: 9781626548756
ISBN-10: 1626548757
Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media
Publication Date: April 21st, 2014
Pages: 420
Language: English