Structure-Based Drug Discovery (Methods in Molecular Biology #841) (Hardcover)

Structure-Based Drug Discovery (Methods in Molecular Biology #841) By Leslie W. Tari (Editor) Cover Image

Structure-Based Drug Discovery (Methods in Molecular Biology #841) (Hardcover)

By Leslie W. Tari (Editor)


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1. The Utility of Structural Biology in Drug Discovery

Leslie W. Tari

2. Genetic Construct Design and Recombinant Protein Expression for Structural Biology

Suzanne C. Edavettal, Michael J. Hunter, and Ronald V. Swanson

3. Purification of Proteins for Crystallographic Applications

Daniel C. Bensen

4. Protein Crystallization for Structure-Based Drug Design

Isaac D. Hoffman

5. X-Ray Sources and High-Throughput Data Collection Methods

Gyorgy Snell

6. The Use of Molecular Graphics in Structure-Based Drug Design

Paul Emsley and Judit . Debreczeni

7. Crystallographic Fragment Screening

John Badger

8. The Role of Enzymology in a Structure-Based Drug Discovery Program: Bacterial DNA Gyrase

Mark L. Cunningham

9. Leveraging Structural Information for the Discovery of New Drugs: Computational Methods

Toan B. Nguyen, Sergio E. Wong, and Felice C. Lightstone

10. Chemical Informatics - Using Molecular Shape Descriptors in Structure-Based Drug Design

Andy Jennings

11. Accounting for Solvent in Structure-Based Drug Design

Leslie W. Tari

12. Structure-Based Drug Design on Membrane Protein Targets: Human Integral Membrane Protein 5-Lipoxygenase-Activating Protein

Andrew D. Ferguson

13. Application of SBDD to the Discovery of New Antibacterial Drugs

John Finn

14. Leveraging SBDD in Protein Therapeutic Development: Antibody Engineering

Gary L. Gilliland, Jinquan Luo, Omid Vafa, and Juan Carlos Almagro

15. A Medicinal Chemistry Perspective on Structure-Based Drug Design and Development

Shawn P. Maddaford

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