Martin Luther's Reformation Day: The Story (Paperback)

Martin Luther's Reformation Day: The Story By Cari Haus Cover Image

Martin Luther's Reformation Day: The Story (Paperback)


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Embark on an extraordinary journey through history with "Martin Luther's Reformation Day: The Story." This captivating children's book takes young readers back in time to more than five hundred years ago, to the land of Germany where Martin Luther was born.

Raised by parents who loved Jesus, Martin Luther's life was destined for greatness. As a young boy, he displayed a beautiful voice that earned him and his schoolmates a meal whenever they sang for the villagers. But one fateful day, a lightning bolt changed everything. Martin made a promise to become a monk if God saved his life, leading him to live in a monastery and dedicate himself to seeking closeness with God. However, he always felt a void, yearning for a deeper understanding of God's grace.

Through the Bible, Martin Luther discovered a profound truth that transformed his life and would shake the foundations of the Church. He learned that salvation couldn't be earned through payments or good deeds; it was a free gift from Jesus Himself. Fueled by this newfound knowledge, Martin fearlessly penned the "95 Theses" and boldly nailed them to the door of the Catholic Church in Wittenberg. His words spread like wildfire, igniting a movement that would become known as "The Great Reformation."

"Martin Luther's Reformation Day: The Story" is a captivating and educational children's book that not only brings history to life but also imparts valuable lessons to young hearts. Encourage children to explore the power of God's Word, embrace His free gift of salvation, and find inspiration to stand up for what is right in their own lives. Join Martin Luther on his remarkable journey and let his legacy inspire a "Great Reformation" in the hearts of children today.

Product Details ISBN: 9781611041033
ISBN-10: 1611041031
Publisher: Waymark Books
Publication Date: October 24th, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English