Parking Management for Smart Growth (Paperback)

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Parking Management for Smart Growth (Paperback)


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The average parking space requires approximately 300 square feet of asphalt. That’s the size of a studio apartment in New York or enough room to hold 10 bicycles. Space devoted to parking in growing urban and suburban areas is highly contested—not only from other uses from housing to parklets, but between drivers who feel entitled to easy access. Without parking management, parking is a free-for-all—a competitive sport—with arbitrary winners and losers. Historically drivers have been the overall winners in having free or low-cost parking, while an oversupply of parking has created a hostile environment for pedestrians.

In the last 50 years, parking management has grown from a minor aspect of local policy and regulation to a central position in the provision of transportation access. The higher densities, tight land supplies, mixed land uses, environmental and social concerns, and alternative transportation modes of Smart Growth demand a different approach—actively managed parking.

This book offers a set of tools and a method for strategic parking management so that communities can better use parking resources and avoid overbuilding parking. It explores new opportunities for making the most from every parking space in a sharing economy and taking advantage of new digital parking tools to increase user interaction and satisfaction. Examples are provided of successful approaches for parking management—from Pasadena to London. At its essence, the book provides a path forward for strategic parking management in a new era of tighter parking supplies.
Richard W. Willson, Ph.D., FAICP, is Professor and Chair in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. 

Product Details ISBN: 9781610914611
ISBN-10: 1610914619
Publisher: Island Press
Publication Date: June 16th, 2015
Pages: 256
Language: English
"Richard Willson has written a great book about how better parking management can improve transportation, the economy, and the environment. He clearly shows how cities can plan for smarter parking at lower cost instead of blindly spending other people’s money to get too much parking at far higher cost."
— Donald Shoup

"A quick reading of Parking Management for Smart Growth leaves even the casual reader with an overwhelming sense of the compelling logic for more rational parking policies to support better development….This book should be on the shelves of any planning department and local traffic department that has a parking problem, and probably those that do not."

— Urban Land

"For cities, parking is destiny. While others have covered the theory of good parking management, Willson goes into the necessary details of implementation. He includes a wealth of case studies covering everything from effective use of technology, to addressing community concerns, to troubleshooting the problems that arise as theory moves into practice."
— Jeffrey Tumlin

"Taking new approaches to parking is integral to making cities more sustainable and more livable. Kudos to Richard Willson for bringing this important issue to light and for making the case that urban planners, policy makers, and city officials need to work with parking experts early in the planning process.”
— Shawn Conrad

"The book tackles the development of a parking management strategy, management of a parking district, best practices, and specifics on implementation. Only those in jurisdictions that are happy with empty acres of asphalt and all their implications can afford to skip this book."

— Planning

"Parking Management for Smart Growth shows the potential and demonstrates the means for planners to implement active parking management...The book outlines a flexible roadmap for reform implementation and adaptation from which cities of all sizes can and should benefit."
— Journal of Planning Education and Research